On productivity

Prodcutivity is so well revered and highly spoken of, but what does it really mean?  The root of productivity is the word produce:  to make something.  So naturally, the word productivity is referring to what someone is able to make or produce. By extension, there is a lot of psychological satisfaction attached to productiviy as one can imagine by thinking of the last time they had a “productive day,” for instance.  But what does productivity really mean?  Is being productive truly such a force for good?  Or does productvity more so reflect an almost machine-like attitude in which humans reduce themselves to being little more than producers of stuff?  After all, there is so much stuff floating around.  Furthermore, what is the greater goal of productivity?  What is it moving towards?

Granted, getting things done and checking items off of the proverbial list oftentimes produces a good feeling.  You feel a sense of accomplishment, like you did someting.  Productivity seems intimately connected to a capitalist mindset where more is never enough.  The more you work, the more you produce, the greater the rewards – the cycle never ends.  The problem with this is that ther is never “enough.”  Where does one appreciate the moment when the focus is on making more stuff?  Again, productivity has its place but not as the predominant, ruling, religious force guiding someone’s life.  No, productivity is not that important.


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