If not this, then that

Perhaps the dialectic is true, while the didactic is close but not as true – perhaps the synthesis of stimuli is what is most essential to coming together and realizing we all need each other in order to live amid the cosmic blanket of reality.  Perhaps we are not all so divided after all, but rather we are different yet stuck in the same existence which would suggest commonality over division.  Who knows?  How can anyone truly know?!  But then again, even if the final answer is at a futile distance, us humans may be damned to stave to achieve such a conclusion.  Or maybe whatever we believe is “true.”  Maybe truth is relative to the believer?  Who knows…are we “meant” to “know?”  What is knowledge?  What is fact and what is fiction?  Does any or this matter?  Perhaps I am just complaining about the perils of human existence, or maybe there is something greater to consider.  Maybe the t/Truths lie in the similes and the metaphors, not the cold hard facts and numbers.  IF not this, then that…


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