A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner!”

-English proverb

I am not a skilled mariner, although I amidst a proverbial sea.  Spring is springing, yet I am stuck, again, in my head, alone…c’est la vie…

I somehow went from attending university to a indescribable series of events that led to my mental breakdown for the ages.

I do not know how to express my thoughts on the subject, as my mind is a mess right now. I miss writing, and so I will attempt to write again, and more frequently.  My mind is overloaded with stress, mostly of which is out of my control.  What is scarier than losing one’s own mind?

I am confident this post is not of any “good quality,” but I am compelled to write anyway.  I am socially disabled, yet I refuse to give up.

I am thankful for the few who really do care, I those who have helped along the way.  When lost, I feel a deep need to hold onto “some-thing,” although that something may be hope alone…

Anyway, sorry for the depressing post, but I cannot fake being happy when that is far from the truth.




4 thoughts on “Lost”

    1. Thank you!! Me too, although time is the least of my concern, I need major change which means a lot of self-work and soul searching (or something like that), Thanks for the kind words!


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