On being depressed versus having depression


There needs to be a sharp realization that one is incorrect to say they have depression.  Depression is not an item or character flaw that one has like one has a cold or something.  Depression is a life experience,  a very human one.  Depression is typically roped in with the act of becoming something or perhaps more accurately put, failing to become who you truly are.  One of my favorite definitions of depression is “life unlived,” or unlived life however it best suits you.  I find this to be extraordinarily true.

I am afraid people make the mistake of placing depression outside of themselves.  The doctor and treatment protocols only reinforce this tragic error.  For if this was actually the case, the individual would be helpless unless they sought proper external help.  False!!  One must realize their depression is inherent and outsourcing their misery is only adding to the problem. …

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