Some words on the proliferation of social media responses to recent acts of terror

I guess changing your profile pic makes you a human rights activist these days….smh, look acts of violence happen every day, and I am not saying this to diminish what just happened in France, but you must realize that creating a post does NOT do anything but add some binary code to cyberspace. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, make a difference in real life! There are policies and legislation that makes a huge impact around the world that comes from Washington, D.C. There is ALWAYS more to the story than the emotionally driven propaganda on television. I empathize with all people worldwide who are victimized by such acts of violence. However, there are policies and geopolitical strategies that greatly influence public opinion globally, economic warfare, covert warfare and military conflict.

Furthermore, pay special attention to any and all new restrictions placed on liberty under the guise of “security.” The Parisian attackers were under French surveillance for years before committing this attack. This was 100% preventable, and should have never happened. But now we must be wary of increased restrictions placed on freedoms such as ability to move (i.e. travel, migrate) etc. Just be mindful!!

~ I posted this on my Facebook page yesterday and it garnered some attention, so I thought I would share my words here as well.

In solidarity with ALL people who are victimized by acts of violence,



8 thoughts on “Some words on the proliferation of social media responses to recent acts of terror”

      1. Yes and that is also why it is crucial to step back from the immediate emotional reaction to be wise when thinking before just “knee-jerk” responding. This is easier said then done, but this is necessary nonetheless. Acts of terror are present a context for rapid policy change (dangerous!).

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