Society Drowning in Material

In a society drowning in materialism, how does one successfully “pull back the veil?” The preponderance of consumerism is a disease with many far-reaching tentacles. In fact, many “modernized” or “developed” nations maintain a highly distracted populous, who are not only ignorant, but are even ignorant of their own ignorance. This is to say, they do not even know they are unaware. Furthermore, I question whether or not people are even interested in the truth. In a psychotic world, what role does truth even have? Or does truth no longer have any role at all?
As Ray Bradbury writes in “Fahrenheit 451,” the masses willingly let got of books, as in they stop reading them, so removing books from the majority of society occurs natural. This is analogous to truth on an even larger scale, for if nobody is interested in truth, if the demean is not there, the use of truth itself dies, too. In other words, unless people demand the facts, they become irrelevant.
On an even broader scale, spiritual truth dissolves and we are left with nothing other than nihilism. I would argue that capitalism is the pervading “religion” of our time, and consumerism is a natural consequence of that. More importantly still, is the crisis of consciousness that allows for the existence of such a society. I believe today’s world is the result of individual psychological suffering, of mass psychosis, and as such we have created a diseased world. Simply put, society is nothing more than a collection of individuals, so if the people are diseased then so too is the society they inhabit.
On a positive note, as long as humans are alive, there is still the potential for change, but I would argue the initial revolution must be an internal one. For according to the logic presented above, people must resolve their inner conflicts before any outward effects can take place.

Stay true!



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