I Miss the Analog Days

Everything today is so damn digitalized. Oh, how I miss the analog days! There was a time when clocks were meant to be at once aesthetic and also functional. Now we settle for a quick glance at a digital substitute; a bland, sterilized glowing numerical figure that clearly indicates the precise time of day. The art of watchmaking, although still in existence, is not nearly as beautiful as it once was. I miss the rustic days when every clock made a unique “tick-tock” sound. Now these machines work silently, and ceaselessly, to stay “on time.” I miss the approximation of day, wherein the precise minute did not really even matter. Now, everything is so damn “exact.”

I believe this seemingly isolated illustration speaks volumes of a larger societal change. We are now a digital society. The way globalization has taken over the world, nations upon nations of folks would be helpless to proceed without their ever-so-precious devices. Could you imagine living a day without your iPhone or Android? Of course, the absence of such a device does not doom you to some sort of nonexistence, in fact, I would argue the opposite – living without heavy digital reliance would promote being present, and thus a healthier state of well being. However, everything is so awfully technical that the world as we know it would abolish overnight if the lights went out, so to speak.

Granted, technological advances are not all bad, and I am not arguing against technology altogether by any means. However, I am arguing that humans collectively need to wean off of the digital drugs. Facebook or Twitter is just as addictive as many other substances commonly thought of as being addictive. That is to say the process and status of being addicted to something is not terribly different regardless of what the substance actually is. For example, the feeling and experience of addiction is more similar than contrary to different people’s various bad habits. A stark example is teenagers with an absurdly binding addiction to their cell phones or Facebook pages. Further explanation should not be necessary here as we all see the group of teens huddling over a glowing screen daily.


8 thoughts on “I Miss the Analog Days”

  1. I couldn’t agree more I really do miss those days. Imagination was unleashed much easier back then, now we have to work really hard for our ideas because there is hardly any inspiration left in the world.


  2. I can still remember my granna’s cuckoo clock and all the noise it made as it ticked off the moments lost in time from her living room wall. I wish I had them back, those moments. I miss her, and that slower way of life. She always listened, always made eye contact, and never sat in the glow of a digital screen in her life. Even her TV was powered by a tube. Great post! Thanks for the memories. 🙂

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