A Turning Point or Just a Rift in the Road?

Well folks, here goes a meager attempt to explain my current situation, or at least the crossroads I find myself returning to again and again. My university experiences thus far have been extremely dissatisfying to say the least. I do not feel challenged, stimulated or really any different at all now then I did a few years ago. Granted life goes on, but my academic career has been a joke. The learning is easy and useless for the most part, and then what seems interesting is so watered down that the original ideas are hardly recognizable.

Combine this with the fact that attending school part time makes earning any substantial sum of money just about impossible, students these days are pretty much locked into their studies. I am, for the lack of a better term, bored. I seek adventure and excitement, and I want to do something new.

I see myself living as a bit of a vagabond, a wanderer, a traveler and a student of the world. I want to make moves on the toss of a dime, or at least have the unique ability to move along at a moment’s notice. I could care less about amassing a fortune of material wealth, but obviously finances is still a bit of a concern. Other than that, I would love to backpack around the world, working odd jobs or teaching English as a second language to kids, etc.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please drop a line!

Cheers mates,



2 thoughts on “A Turning Point or Just a Rift in the Road?”

  1. What’s stopping you? Follow your dream, live out loud, be true to your passion. Youth passes quickly. Don’t squander what you have of it now.


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