Dissatisfied with the Monotony

Well folks, it is official, I am bored, feel unchallenged, and getting sick of being stuck in one place. I find moving to Wilmington, North Carolina in order to pursue my Bachelors Degree was both a good and bad decision. Let me be honest in saying I have zero regrets about moving out of my parent’s home and into the world. I was slowly dying being stuck there. Beyond the act of getting away from the all to familiar home town, there is not a whole lot of positives to mention. Yes, I am in good athletic shape, am very healthy and have met a couple of really cool people. However, the university seems to be a joke as far as academics go. Despite having a good reputation, the classes thus far have been far from stimulating. In fact, I took an ethics class that was graded purely off of multiple choice exams! There was not one writing assignment all semester long, despite the fact that ethics is pure debate and arguments. Granted this is only one class, but another course of mine was even more pathetic. I made the grave error or signing up for a “Transfer Seminar” class which is there to guide incoming students into finding success in college. Stupid waste of time and money, unless you do not know what a works cited is or how to do a basic search at the library. I also thoroughly enjoy this one cafe downtown named Java Dog. The place is awesome, pet friendly and great baristas. Other than that this town is nothing but a bunch of unrealized potential and lackluster, typical bars and restaurants. Considering this is a college town, there really is not much to do in the immediate area.

Basically, I am afraid I am not having the best of times. No folks, I am not depressed or anything, I am just thoroughly disappointed. I hope this upcoming fall semester will be more invigorating, but I am not placing my bets anytime soon. If nothing else, a girlfriend would certainly help the time sneak by a bit quicker.

Cheers mates,



4 thoughts on “Dissatisfied with the Monotony”

  1. So the same feeling of being ,,unchallenged,, moved me of my home country to study, meet new people, then further moved me to another country to pursue PhD, then moved me to another country to work… and finally moved me to my current place. I am immensely happy of my journey , it took currage, and sacrifices but I feel I AM LIVING. I still didn’t find love, but that is my life project now;-D! Keep going, listen to yourself!Move on! Make your life worth, you got only one! Best wishes
    Yeah I had a drink;)

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    1. Perhaps you did find love, love of your trade, location and life in general, no? That is the most important type of love anyway!! Yes I see myself being a traveler first and student/employee/etc later. I am planning to pursue my masters abroad, likely Germany. I cannot find satisfaction in stagnation, I desire movement and adventure above all – excitement, challenge, and all that comes with a new environment.

      Cheers, I wish I was clanking a glass with you my dear!!


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  2. Yes, actually I really like the statement you made, I did find love indeed! Anyhow, I think it’s great for you to move away for you masters and live in a different country, it shapes one’s personality and gives an opportunity of social education, which is useless anyway;-). Traveller’s souls, like us, need the constant life flow,someone once told me there are two types of people: hunters or gardeners. But I think we all have different ratio of both in ourselves.. Let me know when you pass by London, will definitely clank a glass!

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    1. Indeed!! I have another WordPresser whom is a UK resident, although I am not sure where precisely therein. I will certainly make a visit to London eventually, so I might have to hold you to a pint clank in due time 😀

      I am even considering putting my formal education in lieu of a more holistic learning experience travel in foreign lands. That to me seems more exciting anyway!

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