Earning Income While Exploring a Nonjob Entrepreneurship Biz

I am a college student who is sick of working deadend, purposeless jobs. I am usually overworked nad underpaid to do work that I don’t give two fcks about. Being on the underside of capitalism, without a B.A. degree yet and no big time networking hookups, I am frequently stuck in a pickle of some sort with bringing home the proverbial bacon. I need to bring in money, but I also do not want to be miserable. I need to earn at least $10 an hour, with little room to go under that rate. I would work for $9 if it was the right job, but once school starts and I am only available part time, I need to maximize my earnings while leaving plenty of time for academics and social life. I hate retail, and have gotten sick of food service. This is hard because that is basically the top two areas of employment for my age group. I cannot be a mallrat and food service is just not worth the human sacrifices with long, variable hours, unstable income and virtually NO job security.

There must be a better way, and I am determined to find it – even if that means paving my own way to the promised land. I would love to be self-employed however I am not exactly sure how to build a business from scratch that would turn enough profit to be my sole source of income. Obviously, I can afford to work part time while also building a business part time, but regardless I have no experience and virtually no contacts in my current location as far as networking goes.

I am still determined to make something work. I just do not know how quickly I could realize profits, however minimal, in order to move away from an hourly job into my own realm of business and entrepreneurship.

Any ideas?




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