In Praise of “The Nice Guy”

Contrary to popular belief, nice guys are actually good people to talk to, date with, etc. Seemingly jerks and bums plus the classic rich snobs land most the girls while the trusty, kind-heated fellow remains infinitely single. Now, this is an age old dilemma it seems, but that does not mean it has to continue forever either. I will never grasp the illogical logic of being attracted to the ‘bad boys’ while snubbing good men out of the picture altogether. I am speaking of the ones who open the door for women, speak properly, dress decently and take good care of themselves.

Now I understand, my views are probably biased as I fall into the nicer end of things but even still – “objectively” as possible, why would you want to be involved with a jackass for any reason whatsoever?

My point is if you spend time with a bunch of jerks, you too become one by association. Also, do not cry to me or Facebook when shit hits the fan and you have “nobody” to talk to, etc. I could have told you he was no good from the jump.

Also, I literally do not have it in me to even act like a bad boy, jackass character to meet a girl. That is absurd and ridiculous. Where are the nice gals hiding? I do not want to belabor the same points so I will end my mini-rant now.

Cheers mates!


8 thoughts on “In Praise of “The Nice Guy””

  1. It is all about background, confidence and self respect. Girls dig bad guys,( Guys dig bad girls) because they most likely had ‘bad parents’ who were abusive or narcissistic. They are attracted to ‘bad guys or bad girls’ who mistreat them because that is what feels familiar, even though the pain & disrespect further hurts them..This is coming from personal experience.
    I had a misogynist/narcissist for a father who called me ‘a slut’ for kissing a boyfriend at age 15. After that I was mentally scarred..I witnessed abuse & control in my parent’s marriage, not healthy love. My first 3 relationships were with narcissists as that is all I knew..After years of therapy, I managed to marry a ‘good guy’. At the beginning stages of dating him, I was anxious, confused and not sure I was attracted to him. He was too much of a gentleman, too predictable and unfamiliar..My therapist helped me persevere through the uncomfortable feelings of ‘newness’ and now I am happy to be with a man who respects me, while I learnt to respect myself.
    Sorry for the long comment but in general people who are attracted to bad people, have issues!
    I wish you the best of luck finding a lovely, healthy lady ๐Ÿ™‚

    If any of you are interested in the context of my comment visit me here:
    Thank you โค

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    1. Yeah thanks for a lovely comment!! No need to apologize for length, I read it word for word and will click on the link shortly. It is just frustrating – I am 24 and never have had a girlfriend which is kinda lame but whatever. I am used to being alone but it would be really, really nice to have someone to be “together with.”




      1. I’m sorry to hear that. But there is always hope. Maybe you should question what type of woman you are attracted to and if there is some digging you might want to do into your own past. If all is healthy & lovely, then maybe start looking at women a little different to what you usually go for? of a different type maybe.. I don’t know you at all obviously, so I’m just guessing and throwing a few things at you. If anything is in any way offending, I apologize. Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚


      2. I don’t have a “type” – it usually just happens that the female is in another relationship, or is moving away to college or something. I’ve had dates and stuff, its just usually bad timing, which is still lame. No offense taken, I am open as usual. I know I don’t have any major character flaws, of course I am not perfect either, but most women who get to know me are surprised to find out I am single – but the trend continues as such anyway. I have also struggled many times in the past with serious bouts of depression so that too is a large reason why I was not exactly date-able for periods of time. Its hard to be all flirty when you feel like death….

        Anyway, I value your input regardless so keep it coming ๐Ÿ™‚



      3. Thanks for opening up Paul! Depression really sucks for most things, so I can understand completely. Timing is definetely important of course. I had some bad luck in regards to that too. Falling for unavailable people is so frustrating.I am sure your time will come and it will most likely be when you are more relaxed and not expecting it. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. The real reason why girls go after bad guys are the romantic movies/novels that picture a BAD GUY becoming good for that ONE GIRL. So I guess every girl covets to be that ONE GIRL who is the savior of that ONE GUY. Somehow, this makes them feel special. I’ve noticed this in ‘all-girl’ conversations, that girls often times want some horrid, reckless and seemingly broken person who at first treats them like crap to suddenly change and be the prince they always were.

    But then again, I can’t be entirely sure since this is just a theory I read somewhere.

    And I don’t see the point either. To try to SAVE some guy, there’s no such thing like that. Instead find someone who respects you from the start without having to teach him to do so! I’d request you to have faith, it is better to wait and find the right girl than hurry and get stuck with the wrong one. And the right people always find their way to each other. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Yeah well said I agree! I am just growing impatient at times – 24 years of singleness is kinda getting old. I have come across that school of thought as well. I have witnessed it first hand as well with other people. I agree finding someone who is ALREADY doing well is much better than a “fixer-upper” which almost always fails. It is also not just with someone to day – I feel like this new-ish town I am in (Wilmington, North Carolina) is totally different and more exclusive/clique-y than what I am used to, which is a bummer. Its very hard to form a social group here unless you have an “in” with someone. Its strange.


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