RE: Getting the Hell Outta Dodge!

Well folks, yet again I feel my heart strings pulling me away from my current reality into the wonderful world of the unknown. No this is not a novel, this is a diary entry of sorts. I am bored, disappointed, broke and tired of the monotony. In other words, I need more change. Yes, I just transferred colleges to a new city, etc, but that is utter nonsense anyway. College is a bloody scam it seems anyway!

I need adventure, freedom, irresponsibility! I need LIFE!!

As to the itinerary, who knows, but that is what I am working on. I can done with school for awhile I think, and who can blame me? I will be 25 and thus far I have been a career student. I have had enough of this mus-education, dummification, or what have you. I need real learning, I need experiences that differ radically from a classroom. I need to be on my own, traveling far and wide without a set plan or any ties. I just want to move around. And move quick. I want to be able to pick up a backpack and leave at any given moment – and never look back. I want to do crazy, learn new languages, meet women of the likes I’ve never seen before and drink with the locales.

As Kurt Vonnegut once said, “I am a man without a country,” and I dutifully share his sentiment.

I want my home to be International; other. I don’t want to pay taxes, earn a steady paycheck or anything remotely close to “societal expectations” I want to prove society is full of shit and only weak people follow along in the predetermined path of death and misery.

And so it goes…



8 thoughts on “RE: Getting the Hell Outta Dodge!”

  1. Experience life the way you want to! Who cares about societal norms!
    ‘Into the wild’ is one of my favorite films/stories. Beautiful soundtrack , stunning nature and a guy with balls to follow his dream! I am sure you might have seen it 🙂
    I haven’t been backpacking but have lived in 3 different countries, lived in 10 different cities and have generally moved around a lot..It’s been very interesting..I don’t want to have kids..Just want my husband and I to have a stress free life, maybe with a dog we can take with us..


  2. I have found that making a change when life feels good results in further personal development and growth. When making a change to “escape” or “get away” from a situation, the journey can be more difficult. Sometimes the best place to seek asylum is within oneself to introspect and learn better self awareness. As clarity is achieved, travels and new experiences create a greater sense of fulfillment. I wish you all the success on your journey.


      1. Thanks. Yes it was so – it was my inner calling to initiate a change rather than a knee-jerk reaction to the external. Granted, environment is a factor in some ways, but these have been long term thoughts/goals as it were.

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      2. I am glad for you that you are looking in a forward direction toward achievement (defined as personal goals) rather than away from issues associated with societal problems. You will find a healthy path in the future.


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