The Lost Art of Living

What has become of us humans, surely a sorry lot? Socializing is now digitalized, people never sit with each other, hobbies are virtual and fucking is romance. What a mad world, indeed. People have seemed to forgot how to interact, miraculously achieving a seemingly pre-primal state. Of course this fails to describe everybody, and there are also different levels to the illness, so to speak. Perhaps most sad of all is the death of the nuclear, never mind extended family. Divorce has become the new normal, almost expected. Perhaps a few “good years” is all to be achieved before boredom or whatever permits somebody to hire a divorce lawyer. Ah what a shame.

The masses are distracted by the illusion of choice in a nonexistent democracy so corrupted that it is hard to even explain. Corporations are branding new nation-states, if not continents. Money buys power and control. The police protect the largest criminals, while nonviolent offenders occupy an increasingly high number of cells. Private prisons are now “a thing” where companies profit off of slave labor in a swollen legal loophole.

Psychiatric diagnoses are almost fashionable. The FDA is entirely useless, as is the EPA for all intents are purposes. The war on drugs is sill scamming millions. The war on terror is even worse. What does is say about a peoples that the leading industry is death? The military-industrial complex is a seemingly unstoppable monster.

College and therefore student death is a mental illness that continues to rear its ugly head. Homelessness, poverty and hunger are still untreated societal ills. Do we have any humanity left?

Much of music is created on computers and other digital devices. Culture is watered down if present at all compared to periods of time in the past.


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