Psychotic Happiness or Genuine Joy?

I would like to address the difference between deluded smiles and real joy.  Many people think they are happy.  They believe they are, or at least are supposed to be so wherein they may put on a heavy front while inside they are drowning in misery.  I would argue many more people are in this category than those who are truly happy.  To be happy is to be fully present.  That is another way of saying the same thing, for all intents and purposes.

Many people believe via Social Media and society at large they are supposed to be all bubbly smiles regardless of their true emotional state.  This is mental illness in the realest sense.  However, nowadays if you are sad for too long – over 2 weeks – you are clinically depressed and prescribed a drug to “cure” your supposed “mental illness.”  What a world!

More to come…


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