Modern Misery

For the lack of a better title, I wish to delve briefly into the subject of the gross dissatisfaction most accept as adult life.  Without any better alternative, or at least as is conceived by any given adult today, one wastes most of their time and energy at a meaningless job simply to pay off various debts.  The “Rat Race” is very much ongoing, with no finish line in sight.  Many a man will believe it his duty to sacrifice his prime years to make some other guy really rich while taking home enough money to keep quiet and do his job.  This is not to say all people are stuck in shit jobs.  Some people appear to have never really worked a day in their life – in other words, they get paid to pursue their passion.  However, these seem to be the fortunate few.  As a mid-twenties college student, I am not so sure what path I will follow.  In fact, I do not wish to follow any path, but blaze my own trail.  Of course, there is the practicalities of it all, but I digress.

To point out that there is an industry in self-marketing, public relations and the like, only amplifies the situation.  It seems to me that a “talented bullshitter” will go much farther in generating revenue than most highly skilled but less outgoing individuals.  There is also the networking side wherein once you meet the right person whose circle is beneficial to upward mobility, then that person will almost inevitably be successful.

I will never know why talent and work ethic seems to be trumped by flashy con artists.  If one puts forth a solid product or service, there should really be no need to have it advertised and spun into the crazy world of public relations and marketing.

That is a portion of my two cents.




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