Is WordPress in decline?

I remember my first year of blogging – the invigorating welcomes, page views, new followers and likes always encouraging me to write more and write more I did.  Fast forward to the past six months or so.  Where did it all go?  I am not here to become popular, that has never been my goal.  I am here for people to read and comment upon my work.  Is that not the primary purpose of writing on a platform such as this?  I have never published less frequently than as of late.  It is as if all bloggers retired and a ghostown has been left in their wake.

Will there be a revival?  Am I alone in this predicament?  Where did you all go?  What trends have you noticed lately?

Comments are welcome!



4 thoughts on “Is WordPress in decline?”

  1. I think it’s actually better then its ever been but the problem isn’t with exposure its more about how to tag and write something that’s seo friendly. If we don’t tag posts right on here and support one another then we fall flat


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