Edgeuhmuhkation (Education) or the Dummificaiton of the Masses

Well folks, I am a lover of learning, but this school stuff is nothing of the sort.  I cannot stand wasting my time or effort in something that gives me no challenge or insight.  College is a scam.  What am I paying for here?  My bloody philosophy class is all exam based without a single paper!  What the heck?!  Honestly, I am growing very impatient with this lackluster educational system.  No wonder there are so many mindless drones running around today.  School straight up blows!  I used to enjoy class but now it is just lame.  I am so bored.  I skip class simply because I can learn more on my own.  Class or school is more a handicap to learning, an impediment than anything else.  This is insane!

I am beyond frustrated and am considering transferring again but I fear wherever I go will just be more of the same.  This is an insult to my intelligence wherein my freshman year of high school was more challenging and stimulating than any college course I have ever taken.  What is wrong with this picture folks?!  Or better yet, what is right with it?




28 thoughts on “Edgeuhmuhkation (Education) or the Dummificaiton of the Masses”

      1. I spent more time creating and playing music. Also taught guitar for a while. I’ve been playing guitar for nearly 15 yrs. Then I sold stuff on ebay and learned how to grow my own produce. Also did odd jobs here and there. Since then I’ve managed to keep my life pretty simple and at times damn near hermetic. It’s not an ideal lifestyle for everyone. But for me it’s better than being ruled by “traditional values”.


  1. That is the paradox: increasingly, as we need a degree for jobs, that degree becomes less worthwhile existentially. I feel like the key is finding those one or two profs who do help you learn. Good luck with your searching and decisions.


  2. Paul, maybe the problem is the university itself. It is a shame that you are not getting the desired satisfaction. (I studied philosophy, humanities, art, literature and political philosophy in a interdisciplinary liberal arts program at Georgetown University. It was thrilling. There were many papers to write and stimulating in-class discourse. )
    I would suggest you stick with it. Get what you can out of it. Lead. Engage. You’ll be rewarded for it. We need philosophers. We need young people who can think and formulate new ideas.

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      1. Yes, UNC Wilmington is a good school. And, if I had to attend university today, the cost of Georgetown would be prohibitive. How can I help? Studying philosophy can be dry unless you actually “do” philosophy while learning about it.


      2. So, I was just looking at the UNC Philosophy and Religion department. It appears kind of comprehensive. What was your first philosophy class that was so disappointing? Was it “PAR 101 Invitation to Philosophical thinking?” (and btw, you can ignore me if I’m getting too personal. I won’t be offended).

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      3. Sorry for the delayed response.. Ethics is a great course. It makes me angry that the professor misses the opportunity to engage the students in this lively topic. You’re right. You need a progressive, challenging university. (But please don’t give up on school!) Your posts show that have a good mind for the humanities and philosophy. Best wishes in your pursuit.

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  3. I didn’t go to a university as I went for Computer Science at a trade school, but I’ve found from some of my friends who went to other schools that the first year, maybe 2 years are usually filled with such basic stuff, because the universities have to assume the majority of students don’t even have the basic foundation. If this is a field you really want to get into, and the job market dictates you need the degree to get a job, then you’re going to have to just stick it out. Unfortunately, higher education doesn’t specifically mean you’re going to learn something useful every class/semester/year.

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  4. Can I just say that I love the honesty expressed here. Refreshing! Listen, to my way of thinking, learning happens everywhere, and if it can happen in the classroom–sometimes I seriously doubt it because of complacency and discipline problems–then grab what you find there and run with it. Just remember, all of life is teaching, teaching, teaching us. There is a lesson to be learned in the frustration. Sounds like your ears are ON and you’re getting it. I will be thinking of you today and hoping for a spark of the truly amazing to ignite within your circle of influence.


    1. Wow thanks for the awesome comment! Glad to see readers ‘reading’ into my words. Yes I feel like College is a pseudo-daycare vs learning environment…Its hard to discuss Platonic ideals the day after getting your stomach pumped!


  5. I can’t say that there’s definitely a solution or an answer, but I feel like while you’re still there, definitely find the things that you believe are important and pursue it. Find the few people who really push you to learn more and excel, even if its outside the classroom.

    I had a similar experience with my philosophy class last semester, in which it was all summarising theories and no actual “philosophising” … but in retrospect, I’m glad it wasn’t a huge turn-off for me because I guess I wasn’t going to let one class define the entire department until I took more. I know: who has the time. Point being: I think I made the mistake of believing that every aspect of college is meant to be a learning experience when I came in last semester — ESPECIALLY with academics — but, now that I think about it, I learn so much more outside the classroom when I’m really taking the initiative and being proactive with my studies, my social life and my passions. My peers here have always reminded me that unlike high school, college is where you take action on your own to make the best of the experience, and trying to go with that philosophy has been pretty good on me.

    That being said, sometimes I also question whether or not it’s really worth the investment, because this could *technically* be done elsewhere…okay I’m rambling.


    1. Keep rambling!! Yeah I mean I don’t expect every class to be earth shattering, but this is beyond sub-par. It’s to diluted and watered down. I will always study philosophy, whether formally or not is yet to be determined I guess.


      1. Yeah, I’ve been having a similar experience with my English classes, which has been disillusioning because the English department here is reputed for being “awesome” and I want to study English (and Philosophy). I remember leaving class feeling like it was a waste of time, and it has reached a point that I go to class treating it like a study break. Even though it’s a seminar, it has been so frustrating because the comments some students contribute are just not constructive and narrow-minded, so the entire discussion goes in circles and we just don’t learn anything.

        I think I’m only being more forgiving about all this because I’m only in my freshman year of college, and others have been telling me that “it will get better.” Can’t say that I’m entirely going to take their word for it, but I’m still willing to chance it. With that said, every school is understandably different, so I can’t speak for everybody.

        As for Philosophy, I’m probably not going to pursue it at a post-grad level. I’m doing it now because I love it so much and, lucky for me, the Philosophy classes here are generally pretty great (with the exception of the one I took last semester; the one I’m taking now really made up for it). All I can say is that don’t feel pressured to have to study it formally; the fact that you love it is what matters most, especially when (as I have observed) people seem to be losing touch with passion in this generation.


      2. Yes every where is different. I am a Junior and am pretty dissatisfied at the academic level. My personal interest in philosophy will never wane, but my formal studies may do so sadly. I am considering switching majors, as finding a professorship after PhD studies is very very hard. Nor do I want to work 2+ jobs just to make ends meet.


  6. Well, I don´t go to college so obviously I´m in school.
    I fucking love to lean new things! But the teachers… So bad! Our English teacher (my mother tongue is German) told us, she excepted literally that we have to teach ourselves the grammar of the “perfect participle”. She may know many things but she can´t teach. After she tested a classmate (not really unannounced, y´know it was homework) she was really angry at us because we can´t answer her questions like she wanted. (I know, actually that one person failed it but that teacher thought it represented all of us.) It makes me so angry! Why on earth I go to school when I have to teach it myself at home?! I would like to stay at home, glad I hadn´t to see those dumb folks around me.
    And don´t even get me started at my math and physics teacher. I hate her. If she wouldn´t be my teacher I wouldn´t hate math that much. She says one thing and does another. You can´t believe her, can´t trust her. I can´t withstand her anymore.
    Sure, we have good teachers, but they are rare. That´s really sad.
    If you wonder why I can´t just let my parents teach me: It´s against the law. We have to go to school. Period. And if we don´t want to the police comes and takes you to school. Or it goes before the court. I know, it have to sound awful to you but at most times it is no problem.

    By the way, I really love your page! Your thoughts about the world are awesome I think. I hope you have a good time!

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    1. Thank you for the kind words Lena. The best words of advice I can give you is to find ways to make school more tolerable. In the states high school is mandatory as well, and I urge you to realize that schooling is necessary while you are legally bound to attend. I fully underhand your struggle and if it is so bad that you need to cut classes regularly then I suggest talking to your parents, family or friends about what might help you get through school. Believe me, even though toy probably do not was to hear this response, but you should attend school until you either cannot bear making it to class or you have a better alternative. Either way, I would urge you to attend school and get the most out of it that you can. Also, please be aware that no matter what you end up doing, you still have your entire life ahead of you.


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