A question for the WordPress Community

My dear readers and fellow bloggers, I have a question in regards to what seems to be a lack in WordPress activity.  Does anybody else experience a lack in comments?  Please, I enjoy seeing likes, but the commentary has been severely lacking as of late.  I am afraid I haven’t the slightest clue as to why.  Granted, I may be posting a little less than usual, but still, I usually have a few comments on every couple of posts but this seems to not be occurring recently.

Is anyone else noticing a decline in discussion on their pages?

Thank you for responding!



8 thoughts on “A question for the WordPress Community”

  1. I have noticed a decline in readers lately but the people who usually comment still comment regularly. I love the interaction but I have a feeling many do not. I always try and comment when I catch up with reading 😉


  2. You don’t really have to worry about this. As said by the wonderful person above, my regular readers and friends on WordPress comment almost on all of my posts. And I enjoy all of them.
    I once had the same question in my mind, why don’t people comment or interact even after reading my posts? Why do they choose to be incognito?

    After a while I realised there wasn’t any answer for this. I just have to keep doing my thing and welcome whatever suggestions and thoughts that come in, either sporadically or regularly. 🙂

    What you should do is develop your own sweet community, a bunch of people whose stuff you should read and give your thoughts and hopefully it’ll be reciprocated and soon you’ll have a jolly good group of WordPress FRIENDS as I call mine.

    You’re one of them btw. 🙂

    Keep Writing. :’)

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    1. Coolio! Yeah I am referring to some people who were regulars who are absent nowadays – even on their own page and I miss them dearly! It does not get to me a whole lot but sometimes I feel like I make a poignant piece only to receive a couple of likes maybe but no fruitful discourse. Oh well, I never planned on ceasing to write anyway 🙂

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