The Deluded Addiction to Misery

So called anxiety, so called depression is typically nothing more than man’s self created love for his own misery, and in this sense is the worst, most perverted form of narcissism.  It is truly sickening.  For he gives up on love, joy and all the rest to revel in his sorrow, feeling sorry for himself and mourning life unlived. Their is a great line from Drake which goes “everybody dies, but NOT everybody LIVES!”  This is one of the ultimate truths, especially in our times.  In this, any true romance is impossible, real friendship is nonexistant, and the individual is pushed away to the very fringes of society.  Needless to say this is a pathetic, dark romance with sadness and attention seeking at its worst.

Everything from the music they listen to, the drugs they consume, to their daily habits and rituals are depressing, half hearted acts.  They are rotting, amid spiritual decay.  I reserve little hope for these types for they do not know their predicament nor really even care – for themselves or others in a real, upfront and honest sense.

God help us!



4 thoughts on “The Deluded Addiction to Misery”

  1. I have a great deal of anxiety and have suffered from depression in the past. I don’t have those bouts any longer but anxiety still rears its ugly head daily. I don’t take medication to deal with it. However knowing how debilitating it can be, the medication one might choose to take to help cope in day to day life would not be judged by myself.
    I had some very horrific things occur as a very young girl and I attribute my challenges with depression and anxiety to that. I struggled a great deal, something I don’t lament about nor give excuses about. I made the choices I did and I have to live with them, regardless the root of it all. I also am the one that receives credit for the things I have done

    Attend higher education with an above average GPA
    Live and function by myself far from family or friends
    Love people immensely and even though it goes against my natural tendencies, immerse myself in interaction daily

    My daily rituals might make others uncomfortable if they knew them, but they save me. Literally. I’m not seeking attention, in fact if you met me you’d be none the wiser. I’m not rotting. I wish that others had hope for me, one person did and its what spurred me on.


      1. I have no intention of ever being insulting. I’m not sure what part you mean. I was expressing my own experience with such things. You labeled them as so-called but to me they’re real and I live with them. Your perspective is yours. I’m not looking to change it although I’m hoping to add something to your frame of reference however minuscule it might be. I do know that we as human beings can only visualize through our own individual experiences or what those have made us aware of. Again, never would I mean to insult you and I apologize if some thing I said felt like that


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