Ethiopian Small Talk

Late last night I struck up a lovely conversation with an Ethiopian man at his shop. He was a kind fellow, probably somewhere in his early to mid fifties, who had lived in The States for a number of decades already. His English reflected that as well. I forget how we started talking, but the topic quickly shifted to that of contemporary politics and power structures. He was quite informed, and a very intelligent man. He understood the Middle Eastern conflicts well and especially how the Arab nations relate to Africa. We spoke about the powers at be in the US and abroad, as well as the Chinese and their burgeoning economy. It was a nice lively, yet low-key conversation that lasted for over an hour, I’m sure. I will certainly come back to spend some time, and get to know him personally, too. It’s funny how so many great talks happen at wee hours in random places with strangers you never would have met if not by chance of purchasing a small ice cream and a hot pretzel!


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