Some Personal Nonsense

Well, I think I am going to develop a series of rules or guidelines to help find success in this quagmire.  I am extremely low on funds and unemployed while taking classes in a new town in a new state.  Hmm, yes trouble is brewing my fellow WordPressers!  I do have a place to stay and grocery money from my mother so I am not going to end up starving out on the street or anything quite that extreme, thankfully.  However, I definitely do need money for personal expenses, namely growing some sort of social life.  Especially at this early point wherein I need to find a social circle, I am probably spending more trying to find ways to put myself out there in public places than I normally would.  That being said, I am determined to live frugally but have exponential fun while doing well in school and maintaining my “sanity.”
I have been looking for work, but nothing has come to fruition.  There are a lot of employers who will not hire people until the warmer weather arrives, i.e. restaurants, for this is when there is a night and day difference in sales and demand.  Although this makes sense, I cannot wait around for April my friends!  I need a reliable paycheck, no matter how petty, starting ASAP.  Until then, I basically cannot do anything beyond cooking my store bought goods and going to school.  That is pretty lame so I would really like to find a job soon so I have more freedom to splurge every now and again.

I am considering using a staffing agency, otherwise referred to as temp agencies.  I have never done this method before, but it seems pretty reliable.  I hate that some pay will end up in their hands, but that is okay considering I may otherwise be without pay altogether.

Does anyone have any words of advice about job hunting for hourly work?  It needs to be part time, although up to 30 hours or so.  It can be temp or permanent.  I just want to save money and then have it as needed for fun stuff.

I am also going to essentially eliminate nonessential spending until I secure work.  This really sucks but I find it to be necessary if not just the smart thing to do.

Any tips for having free fun?

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12 thoughts on “Some Personal Nonsense”

  1. If you like playing disc golf, that’s free (after you get a disc) and it’s a place to meet people other than a bar. theres a good disc golf course in castle hayne park, where kids from uncw go.
    good luck! check to see if your school has job listings. I know mine does.


  2. In this moment of your life, I would take time for yourself. Become involved with nature, go for walks or down to the lake. Get in tune with yourself & trust the process of life!

    The universe always has your back.

    Be grateful for all that you do have: enrolment in school, a place to live, the food which nourishes you, your mobility, your sight, your knowledge, your loved ones. Put focus on those things & less focus on the “lack of” things.

    The law of attraction states: what you think about you attract. Therefore if you focus on being broke, that is what you’ll continually get.

    Being grateful in times like this gives a comforting feeling & brings love.


      1. There are plenty of websites that look for writers having a command over a particular field. Search it. Freelance Writing is really popular these days.


      2. Yeah they do actually. I’m working for someone I know in person, so it’s safe. But testing the websites blindly is not safe. I don’t know. Was trying to help. 😛 But I do know a lot of people who work online. :/


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