The Plight of The Nice Guy

A good dude, that I am but it seems not to be very – um, lucrative?  I mean, I will never be a dickhead but it seems the nice guy routine is not the most attractive to women or something, I’m not quite sure.  I know some chicks like that whole Hollywood bad boy thing, but that ain’t me nor is it anyone really- a mere facade.  There are few, if any, true Johnny Depps running around Earth.  Honestly, I am just fed up at failing to meet new people, namely attracting the opposite sex.  I am athletic, tall, lean and mean. Well maybe not too mean, but it sounded smooth!  Anyway, I feel like a memo was circulated RE:  Getting the girl that clearly missed my inbox.  I am confident, humorous and well mannered.  I don’t get wasted nor have any drug issues to speak of.  I do not even have some bat-shit crazy -ex looking to kill somebody.  So I am really at a lost as to why I do not seem to have better fortune when going out on the weekend.  Heck, I even dance well!!

Sincerely too on point to miss the point,



19 thoughts on “The Plight of The Nice Guy”

  1. The first thing I thought of when I read this post was this song/video:

    That aside, frankly, Paul, you are freaking amazing! Clearly the girls you’re around are too blind to see that because (in my honest opinion) you’re the ideal kind of guy to date. As a female, I don’t really see the appeal when it comes to the stereotypical “bad boy” but maybe that’s just me. Anyway, don’t feel discouraged, and definitely don’t change. You’re awesome! 🙂

    Nicky ❤


    1. Haha @ the video. Ah thanks dear!! Feeling all warm inside lol. Well I never was going to change as it was, so either someone has to get on my level or I will just continue my relentless pursuit of my goals and dreams until I am so far above the average dickhead that no female with a functional brain stem could deny me lol

      Luv ya Nicky hugs n kisses my beautiful friend!!

      ❤ Always <3,


      1. Well I’m happy that you have no intention to change. And yes, the females need to get up to your level. You deserve nothing less than the best. So worry not if you haven’t found one yet. It’s hard finding a good person these days but it will happen :*

        And I’m glad I can make you feel all warm on the inside 🙂 ❤


  2. How about a nice bad boy? Although I suppose it’s all relative as to what a persons definition of a bad boy is…. Though most women, although seemingly attracted to the “bad boy” types, don’t take them as seriously as the nice boys.

    That said, bad boys are just that – BOYS. Personally I think it’s much much better to be a nice MAN. Let the boys be boys, even bad ones if they like.


  3. Nice guys stay winning, they’re the ones you commit to and bring home to meet your parents. I don’t understand why some girls would go for the bad boys, I seem to only attract the good ones disguised as bad boys and those are the worst, they act that way because they gather that’s what women love and trying to peel layers of Bullshit so you can identify their authentic self is not an easy feat… it takes patience and a whole lotta second guessing.

    Stay nice, because as I said nice guys stay winning

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    1. Ha thanks I don’t plan on changing my ways, just attempting to vent some frustration. I mean, I don’t know too why someone thinks one night stands every weekend are so desirable. Why not get to know somebody instead of doing the dirty all the time?!?


  4. I understand you and kinda relate to it too. And I won’t defy it, I have many friends you’re just ‘too perfect’ to find someone equally nice. That’s a very positive way to put it, isn’t it?


  5. It is odd, but generally you find what you are looking for, when you stop looking (ironic I know). Can I ask; when you go out on the weekends, is it to bars and clubs? These places don’t tend to encourage real deal relationships; although I know sometimes meeting people, other than in bars or clubs, can be difficult (depending on what you do in your spare time). It is difficult as everyone has different ideas about what they want from a partner, and of course there does have to be some chemistry involved. Personally, a man who has some confidence (but isn’t an egotistical dick), can talk to me as a person, is interested in me and my life, is kind, can express concern and understanding, can be fun but also serious is a good thing. Money, success and physical attributes aren’t always the most attractive things. But, that is just me, and other women no doubt see it differently! I suggest talking to more women in more places, and then seeing what common ground you share with them. Keep positive and keep true to you. Bex

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    1. Thanks for the “as-always” thoughtful commentary Bex!! Yes I actually think the practice of meeting someone in a bar/club (places purported to be designated pick up zones) are probably the most challenging places to do so. For most guys are looking for one thing, and one thing only – sex. This means they are more cocky than usual, wearing too much fragrance and drinking Bud Lights like H2O. Coupled with loose women drinking a lot and spilling their way onto the dancefloor the percentage of girls I would even think of speaking with are limited at best before factoring in the always fun and seemingly ever present boyfriend. So I feel like I would have a better shot at hitting on a girl while driving 65mph on the highway than these places!!

      I do like to frequent cafes which I think are great since people are low key which means their guard is down. They typically appreciate a break in whatever work they are doing and if they needed quiet alone time they wouldn’t bother going out in public. I like these types of places since they usually attract more, well, attractive women. They like to read/write, and are intelligent so that is always key.

      I am however looking for a compromise where it is a bit more socially minded than sitting alone at a cafe table but not quite the awkward jungle that is “nightlife.”




      1. Thanks, you are too kind as always!!! I understand, and it is difficult to strike the right balance. I would perhaps look at attempting both, but also are there any groups you could join; for example writing groups or art groups??? They also say a good place to meet singles is at a supermarket!!!! Also, friends of friends, usually at events or weddings. Just a few thoughts. I am certain though that soon enough you’ll find the person who compliments you best.


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