The Tragic Comedic Farce That Is Modern Society

The modern tragedy that is society. GLobalization further advances the specific agenda of elitists who have no regard for human life. Most everyone is a slave to money. The news is a lie. Television is a lie that kills brain cells, yet most people tune in and drop out nightly. God is dead. Romance is dead. Robust life seems to be dying. Honest life seems to be in a near paralytic state.

Giant corporations take precedence over the health and general wellbeing of a nation’s people. Jobs are shipped overseas if not taken over by computers and machines. Lots of food is created in a chemistry lab by scientists in lab coats. Pharmaceutical companies have a pill for every ill – such that the cure ends up killing the person before any disease even could. Charities are often times profit mills with rich CEO’s yet the donations keep pouring on in. The rich get richer and the middle class is the new lower class, the lower class soon to be imprisoned or dead. Is there no decency?

Even worse, nobody questions everything as if being spoon fed lies as a grown adult is normal. Are we so dependent and hopeless as to turn to social media for “socializing” and internet shopping, et cetera? Is society so dead that we can no longer recognize life? Do people forget the majestic nature surrounding them? Do people ever leave their homes?

After working a 9-5 job most commute home, drink and tune into some evening news program that fills them with lies until they pop a sleeping pill to tune out completely if the drinks don’t work. What a shame! What a travesty!

Has life lost ALL VALUE?!

Please, consider the circumstances. The Earth is on the brink of total destruction. Are climate is warming, fish are migrating to unnatural waters. The jungles are being plundered for wood while the Amazon rain forest is desperately needed to purify toxins being pumped into the biosphere at an uncontrollable rate. Everyone drives themselves around in their stupid SUV’s yet complains about the price of petrol. Oh the irony!

We need to wake up and realize that we need to demand change or suffer self-created extinction. Do you understand the consequences of apathy? Apathy will kill us as a species, perhaps the planet as a whole.

Wake up…Wake up and live!



8 thoughts on “The Tragic Comedic Farce That Is Modern Society”

  1. I became embittered in this same way, for similar reasons. But then I visited a different country in a much different economic, physical and mental state than the US. and I realized much of my frustration lies with our tendencies here as Americans. Other places aren’t like us AND every where has its good and its bad.

    What I did see was humanity. People. People with little to nothing in a very oppressive and traumatized environment. The differences were so pronounced…yet the results of human nature so similar.

    In spite of those things you mentioned above that are quite true, there are the opposing beauties and wonders of life and we’re included in those. Humanity I mean. And in that I suppose there lies hope.

    Nice post.

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    1. Thank you for the thoughtful words. I have always been amazed with the wonder of those with less somehow “having” infinitely more. I like to take this as the pure essence of the The Good in humanity and I believe we have much to learn from those oftentimes deemed expendable or even savages – i.e. aboriginal tribal peoples.


  2. Oftentimes, in small talk people will ask me where I’m from. My quick reply is: “My mother.” I really understand your frustrations…take a job application. Are you: single, married, divorced, widowed, black, white, Hispanic, Native American, etc. It’s as if the U.S. loves to attach labels on people which then creates the “stero-types” or should I say “radio-types” of what that label means. I look forward to the day where there is one earth and one label: human.

    I can recall when the police initially questioned me about my son’s death, they asked what religion am I? I responded with “Native American Spirituality” which really isn’t a “religion” but more of an inner knowing and wisdom that results from asking our higher self questions and not just some “expert” psychologist or another human for the answers or truth may be acceptable and work with one individual; however, with another, their truth may be different.

    And guess what? THAT’S OKAY. Once we stop trying to force people into believing things our way, and we simply nurture and guide our young ones by using the influence of our spiritual values, will peace be in the grasp of a new age.

    Great article! And yes, I don’t watch cable or the news, just an occasional movie. I hear “the news” from people I interact with. But since I’m labeled “crazy” it’s all good. I can pursue my life the way my own inner truth has led me on on my personal journey.
    Your friend,
    PS Thanks for following my blog. I’m now following your as well.

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