If I Ruled The World

I would destroy all guns, and other weaponry. I would invest in Universal Education, de-corporatize EVERYTHING – firstly, remove corporate personhood, etc. I would remove Big Money from politics, and proceed to clear house of all the lying, greed filled hucksters in public office. I would free all nonviolent drug related so-called criminals and clear all drug related crimes on their record. I would make quality healthcare available to everyone, everywhere. I would reinvest in the Earth, and make climate change one of the top priorities, creating jobs in the process. I would rid of homelessness and hunger so there would be no more vacant houses in cities with a rapid homeless population. I would promote peace and bring the military industrial complex to a halt. I would invest in arts and culture, especially music and art programs for the youth. I would make health a priority and ban GMO’s along with Monsanto as a whole. Maybe this vision will never be fulfilled completely but it is a worthy aim nonetheless. If only I ruled the world, imagine that?!



4 thoughts on “If I Ruled The World”

  1. Reblogged this on The Angel From Hell and commented:
    I think this ties in nicely with my post about the Australian Governmnet. Wanted to share this with you guys.

    I agree with most of the decisions of the posts. However I probably wouldn’t ban GMO’s as an entirity, as I believe GMO’s do have benefits to society, including aiding with poverty.
    I would remove the necessity for money. I believe money causes several issues within communities and by removing the system altogether I would potentially resulting in a less greedy society. I do believe in social structure. However, this social structure would in an attempt to create equal opportunities for everyone in the world. Societies can not function without some form of structure, hence why I would leave some form of social structure.
    I believe that educators are some of the most important people in society. Without an educator where would we be? Doctors, nurses, constractors, builders, miners, minors, seniors, and everyone else is next, Those with disabilities and mental health issues, and illness would never be underminded or forgotten in my society.

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