Finding strength in softness

I am not sure why this macho vision of “being hard” is so persistent, particularly amongst males in Western culture. I think some of this is derived, albeit misplaced, from our primal days where we had to be ready to hunt, fight and defend for our very survival. I would venture to say this idea of acting hard is killing several things in society, one of them being romance, another being honest spirituality.

You cannot love from a closed, hardened heart for that is the very antithesis of true love. I am hard pressed to imagine any sane woman being actually attracted to one of these assholes. We all know them, they drive like they own the road, probably in a BMW or worse, a souped up rice racer. They drink Heinekens and eat a lot of pizza. They consider themselves muscular but are by no means athletic. They lift weights simply to “attract” attention from females. However, anyone willing to pay these subhuman assholes a second of their time is clearly suffering from some form of mental illness.

Their actions are often inexcusable, yet they would never apologize. They talk a lot of shit, little of which they could ever back up. And so it goes…

Anyone insane enough to date one of these assholes is then controlled and overly protected by one of these jack-offs. They frequent Jersey Shore esque clubs – Thursday is their Friday.

Anyway, they also tend to believe showing love or affection is a sign of weakness. This is not exclusive to this subcategory, but is found in many social groups. This is a terrible shame. Where there is an absence of love, there is violence. In that violence is negativity, is a ruined spirit and an overall unpleasant human being attached. Without opening their hearts to the heavens, these folks will continue to run around violently miserable and relationships everywhere will suffer because of it. Romance, like chivalry, seems to be dead. First God died according to Nietzsche and now romance is dying.



8 thoughts on “Finding strength in softness”

  1. They are not ‘hard.’ They are intimidated by the world. They roar because they are afraid. They bite because, like a rat, they think they are ‘cornered’ by society.
    Very well written article.
    (I had a good friend in Germany who used to say “They are as proud as pricks.” It sort of summed it up.


  2. I mean no offence but I read an awesome quote once that I think relates to your post a little-

    “Women are considered fragile but I’ve never seen anything as easily wounded as a man’s ego.”

    I’ve been a prey to a man’s ego two times in my life and now I have the least tolerance for it. I can’t even explain how subtly and completely you’ve put my thoughts to words. I once had a great debate with a friend of mine and I said the exact same thing-people should learn to open their hearts for love to seep through. There should be no space for ego or arrogance.
    But he said that ‘pride’ is a man’s weakness.

    That is where I thought it was futile discussing anything with him.


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