Lies as Religon, and the Devil as God

WELCOME to the so-called modern, advanced society we all inhabit – more aptly put as a shithole, but bear with me here.  Nietzsche had already proclaimed God was dead awhile ago, but I guess the Devil has taken his place.  I do not mean this in ANY sort of “religious” sense – I do not believe in that.  I do mean that vices are now virtuous and kind, compassionate living is almost taboo – if nothing else, quite rare.  People no longer lead with their heart, their heads are too knee deep in their own shit to see differently, and that my friends is so, so sad.  No wonder people are “depressed” or what have you.  This world should be much better, holistically, from point a to point b there is much room for improvement.  I mean, the healthcare industry, besides being unaffordable for many, ends up killing most everyone in the end.  The drugs fight the cure and yet we all still must foot the bill.  Then there is the aghast political spectrum which is utterly atrocious, corrupt and insert adjective here, etc.  Then there is the lost art of romance and spirituality.  Violent pornography has replaced supple kisses and kind words.  Candlelit dinners are now fast food fucks.  Is there no morality left?  And worst yet is people are too damn afraid to step away from the crowd of sheep to do things their own way.  Fuck everybody else, do you!  No wonder you hate life, your job, your spouse, damn kids, etc.  Take the bloody pipe out of your ass and live life your way.  Until then, stop blabbing about on social media about how you spent last night drinking some cool craft specialty beer and whatever.  Oh piss off – you are neither that interesting, important or relevant.  Fucking hell stop!  For god’s sake, quit it!

That is all.  For now…



7 thoughts on “Lies as Religon, and the Devil as God”

  1. I blame (all) the media for the dumbing down of the West. When our input is downgraded to the lowest denominator, the rot spreads everywhere else: In our education systems, our politics, our very day-to-day existence.

    Leon Wieseltier said: “Journalistic institutions slowly transform themselves into silent sweatshops in which words cannot wait for thoughts, and first responses are promoted into best responses, and patience is a professional liability.”

    We all wait impatiently for tomorrow’s half-time show to hear a diva ‘roar’.


    1. Ha well said, and I couldn’t agree more – the deliberate dumbing down of America, and the modern age in general is sickening. Education is a joke, nothing there to encourage independent thinking or critical questioning especially of authority.

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