On Seeking Freedom

The crucial too many persons make is believing freedom must be granted; an external process.  Commonly, people pray to some misoverstood God asking for freedom, guidance, forgiveness, et cetera.  This is nonsense.  One must look within and allow their heart to guide them.  Love is not a mistake, and ought not be taken for granted.  When people follow a path dictated by a foreign entity, then misery and anxiety will inevitably ensue.  This typically leads to pleasure seeking activities, be it alcohol or drugs or what have you.  Pick thy poison.

The key to long withstanding happiness or rather leading a life based in love rather then some logical plan is following your heart and dreams.  Forget about finances or what your parents want for you, take a step outside of the matrix and do what you want to do – or better yet what you need to do, what you are MEANT to do!

Follow your heart or remain in petty suffering.

PEACE in truth, love n light!



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