The Quest for Employment

Being a college student, money is always an issue.  Stuff comes up that you did not foresee, there was a good sale so you had to buy those shoes, and then the drinks – the damned drinks!  I am typically good with my money, but far from perfect.  I want a vibrant social life, and until I meet more friends, I am trying to place myself out in public as much as possible in hopes of meeting new faces.   Ideally, I will meet some folks who have house parties which will save me considerable money.  Also, groceries are reliable at home but frequently being away from my kitchen, food can destroy anyone’s budget.  I try to limit my take out habits, and if I do eat out I do not go to a sit down, tip required joint.  This saves a lot of money.  So I go for the $10.00 and under meal, which is not so bad, but this also adds up fast.  Weekends tend to do the most damage as that is when people hit the bar and nightclub seen.

This brings me to the point of finding a decent part time gig to offset some of these expenses and who knows, maybe even save some money.  Summer is generally when I earn the most, and I can make a solid few months of summer labor last the rest of the year which is obviously great.  Like I said, I am pretty decent with making money last – as working maybe one third of a year, but being to sustain the full twelve months off of 3 or so months of hard work is pretty damn good if you ask me!

Anyway, I am open to suggestions as to what sort of job or tactic to employ in looking for employment.  I made a flyer for a dog care business but I would like to work for a restaurant serving tables over the weekend to make the most buck.  Campus jobs seem rare and I do not qualify for work study – dammit!

Oh well, I have X hundred dollars in the bank still so I am not in the dire straights by any means, nor do I want to wait until that point before earning a paycheck.




2 thoughts on “The Quest for Employment”

  1. I’m a college student and I work at a coffee shop. Its a small local shop and I made friends with the owner/manage which helped tremendously for needing time off and being flexible with my school schedule. ha.
    Its not high paying what so ever but it serves those eating out needs and small expenses that come up always.


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