New Town, New Adventures

Well folks, it’s official, I am 100% moved into my new digs in Wilmington, North Carolina US of A!  Besides being robbed twice actually in a mere two days, and an incredibly anal roommate life is just peachy.  The weather is gorgeous, everything is a short few minutes drive away and my classes seem pretty decent.  I anticipate doing well in all five of my courses – mostly of which are philosophy due to my major.  I am also quite pleased that literally half – 62 credit hours – of my Associates Degree in Liberal Arts have successfully transferred with me here so that means I can immediately roll up my proverbial sleeves and get dirty with some philosophy (and a newly added French Minor)!  I am oh so eagerly anticipating reading Camus in his native tongue!!

As I acclimate to my new surroundings I am simply glad to be on my own starting my life and living by purely my own terms – i.e. no curfew, et cetera.  I need to develop a social circle, which naturally requires time so I am doing my best to exercise patience in this regard.  Also, I am looking to find some form of part-time employment so I resist the emptying of my banking account!

Other than that, I simply want to earn at least a 3.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale.  My goal is to graduate with honors which means maintaining at least a 3.5 accumulative grade point average.  This is doable and obviously great for when the time comes to apply to graduate schools.

All in all I am pleased to be here and just want to get into a good groove of work-life balance.




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