On being “normal”

There are few things I detest more than the futile and absurd notion of being “normal.”  Normal, or average, is not a desirable attribute.  I mean, we do not regard someone an expert in a field of study in they simply possess an average understanding.  That is to say, one does not earn a medical degree by possessing the mother’s wisdom type of rest and liquids remedy to an illness.  That would be insane.  Now, why would anyone desire normality in any situation – whether it be socially or otherwise.  Now, I understand the desire to fit in but that is not done by acting “normal.”  One fits in by standing out honestly.  For, if nothing else, normal is not even a descriptive term; it does not actually mean anything.  Plus, normality is mostly a subjective notion – as in there is no one authority who decides what is normal.  Why settle for normal if you can, and ought to, achieve greatness?  Why be only okay when you could be incredible?  I will never understand this one.

Never settle, never be normal.




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