New Year Means Actual Change (for once)!!

Just in case you are not sick of all the “New Year, New Me” bullshit here goes this.  Except I usually don’t proclaim some cliche, obnoxious resolution that is doomed to fail from the start anyhow.  No I don’t need to lose weight or quit smoking.  I have officially moved out of my parent’s house – at the age of 24 (ugh!) and am now living multiple states away in Wilmington, North Carolina.  Thus far it has been AWESOME.  School will commence on Monday, January 12th but this upcoming week will be a transfer student social and orientation.  So let the trumpets blare because I am about to turn a year or two of stagnation into vibrant life – real quick.  As Drake says, zero to one hundred real quick man.

Indeed, this moment has been long overdue but simultaneously is occurring at exactly the right time.  Funny how it goes.  I have sufficient funds in the bank for the semester – roughly 1K – and will have food assistance from my family.  I will also obtain a job to keep the money flowing in as well as out.  In fact, I may be able to earn ten thousand by the end of this summer which would be oh so nice.

At any rate, I have been out of school for far too long and am eagerly awaiting sitting in a classroom and all that good stuff.  Alas, I will be taking mostly philosophy classes as I am a Philosophy Major – with possibly a French Minor.

Living independently has been great and will only improve.  I get to life as I please.  My life, my terms, my rules, and so forth and so on,  I do have one roommate but we seem to be a good match so no worries there – thankfully.

At any rate, I am attempting to acclimate to the new digs and the new city as we speak.  So far, there is nothing not to love, beautiful weather, beautiful people and inexpensive cost of living – not too shabby, eh?

Okay well that is all for now, Happy New Years and Bless Up – do something crazy, scare yourself and accomplish those goals!!

Take care y’all!!



12 thoughts on “New Year Means Actual Change (for once)!!”

      1. Hey Paul, of course I am!! You did ask if I’ve been blogging and I have been, also I’m now a guest blogger for other sites too (so good to have a change)!!
        Glad you are OK, I am fine thanks. I’m going to be moving from Madrid at the end of Jan, so I too have a whole new chapter/challenge ahead of me.
        Take care, Bex


  1. Paul,
    Thanks for the follow! Oh, and I find it curious we both are the same age and have both been out of school for a while. You just came to North Carolina, I just left! I bet you’re loving Wilmington, where are you attending?


      1. Haha, I don’t miss the winters. I’m in 90 degree weather. I have a good friend that goes there. 🙂 Fun place, but lots of cops!


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