Transforming the Repungant Stagnation

Yes, so this past year or so has been awfully lackluster, unremarkable, and quite frankly, easily forgettable.  It seems as though I have truly wasted a whole year, if not a few more.  C’est la vie, I suppose.  However, this will quickly change as I finally set afoot in a new land, well, a new part of the country at least.  This time, I will be on my own, integrally, to channel my energies into my valued work – education, socialization and sport all come to mind.  This journey has been placed on hold for so long that my acceptance to University is less exciting as it is simply a relief.  I suppose the sentiment, or perhaps more aptly the lack thereof, is justified.  I mean, it is somewhat tiring to have the same old goal for sooooo long.  Finally moving on is just more of a checked box type of feeling than anything else.  There is not a whole lot of fist pumping, alcohol infused pregame party type thing going on here.  I just want to spend some meaningful time with whatever friends I have left around these parts before heading due south for the foreseeable future.  This is fine by me as there are not a whole lot of folks I really care to see anyhow.  I honestly just want to start this semester and set root in my corner of North Carolina – aka my new home.  However temporal, two years at a University in an attractive coastal city sounds pretty brilliant.  Of course, the academics are solid and the athletics are on point, too.  I plan on busting my arse and trying out as a walk on for the basketball team, however unlikely making it is I just want to say I gave it a “college try” – pun intended!

I realize I have been infrequently posting but typically about this college transfer process about every week or so now.  Don’t worry I will mix things up again in due time. However, this is clearly a big stepping stone for me so I think I ought to share that with whatever followers whom may be interested.  If nothing else, I need to express my thoughts on this just to reflect as time moves forward and closer to my move in date – about 12-15 days depending on how thinks go with the lease agreement and things.

Anyhow, I hope everyone is doing well and thanks for reading!

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