At a crossroads

As time nears to begin the proverbial next chapter in life, I am actually coming to a crossroads.  I am wondering if I will in fact be in Wilmington, North Carolina this January or if something else will tug at my heart.  The primary reason for this crux is my parents are not exactly encouraging my studies – which is quite strange.  Despite the divorce, my bachelor’s degree has always and continues to be promised to be funded by my parents – which is a huge gift.  However, home is not exactly a healthy environment and my mother continues to stress about stress while my dad is virtually absent.

Therefore, I am considering alternatives I can individually pursue which would not require a lump some of money that I do not possess.  Something like working in exchange for rent and pay or volunteer with a residence provided would be along the lines of doable.  I basically need an inexpensive (i.e. free) method of getting the hell out of dodge.  This means out of New Jersey and into virtually wherever provided it is safe and feasible.  I do have a bit of money coming my way and could cash out some bonds of mine but I am not looking to rent.  I would much rather pay for a one way plane ticket to a foreign land and get my wanderlust game going.  I am leaning towards somewhere in Latin America but Europe would be awesome as well – provided I can actually afford a plane ticket!  I should look into costs for travel expenses and when tickets are likely to run at a reduced price.  However, considering the holiday season is upon us this seems to be quite unlikely.  Although, I would imagine a reduced priced ticket will appear in the ballpark of mid to late January and over the course of February – basically post-winter holiday and pre-“Spring Break.”

I am always open to suggestions, and I do not have any foreign travel experience but that does not deter me one bit.  I am hoping some kind folks might lend me a few ideas or suggestions as to what to do, and how to do it.  I am flexible and as I said open to all new and interesting ideas.  That being said, I very well may be attending college this January – which is my desire anyways.

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9 thoughts on “At a crossroads”

  1. Hi! If you are looking to travel but don’t have many resources maybe check out i think these days you have to sign in with facebook (i don’t have facebook!) but most people have it. Failing that, you could always research volunteering organizations in the region you want to travel to, or Christian organizations that do work in the area, contact either of them and if they can’t help you they should have some great advice on where to start. It’s amazing how many opportunities can open up to us when we simply ask 🙂

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  2. Consider all options before committing, but commit to something so you take a step forward and don’t stagnate. I think its important to be on a path, so you can follow it somewhere and of course receive some pleasure in your choices. Have faith in your decisions my friend 🙂


      1. Many thanks! I will be sure to update the blogosphere with any and all advancements and of course once I get down there maybe I will post a few photos of my townhouse and move-in process.


        P.S. It is GREAT to hear from you again Bex!! Sending hugs across the pond!!!


  3. I certainly recommend travel – but it also depends on how you travel – not so much the mode of transposrt as the attitude of interest and exchange. When I was fifteen I cycled to Normandy from Dieppe and camped along the coast with two friends – just doing something like that invited meetings and memories – strange whast you end up remembering – forty eight years later! Then I travelled hitch hiking when sixteen from Holland though Germany, Switzerland , Austria , Italuy and France – mostly sleeping in youth hostels but ocasionally in barns – having drunk enough wine and eaten enough Camembert.. France is good for philosphical conversations – even truck drivers will explore the meaning of life. Italy is great for a laugh and the art and architecture. But the older I get the more I get out of the conversations with people on the way – its just making sure your mode of travel is flexible enough for thet. Best blessings! John


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