1 More Month

Ah, yes, a mere month stands between the present and the most significant change I have yet to experience in my 24 years of life.  I will alas be transferring colleges.  This means leaving New Jersey, moving out of my parent’s house and starting live on my own!!  Woo-hoo!!!  I will be attending the University of North Carolina at Wilmington this January as a Junior year transfer student, majoring in Philosophy (and possibly adding a minor in addition).  This my friends has been a very long time coming and a major goal of mine ever since high school.  Although I have completed my two year Associates Degree in Liberal Arts, I have yet to study much in the way of my intended major – mostly because the community college I had been attending does not offer a Philosophy Major.

I am more than ready to move up and on out of here.  Leaving this desolate part of New Jersey does not bother me one bit.  I never plan on returning for any length of time lest to briefly visit a friend or something.

I still need to figure out and finalize my housing situation, as there is no room for transfer students in the on-campus dorms.  However, it will be nice to have my own digs, as in an apartment.  I have been in contact with another transfer student who will likely be my roommate, although one more is needed for the complex that we are considering.

Orientation ought to be in the first week of January and classes starting soon thereafter.  Unfortunately, I am unable to sign up for courses until orientation which I really do not like but that is not up to me.  Hopefully there will not be any major scheduling issues as there are specific classes that I need to take.

Also, I will need to find a job down there so I am contemplating a four course schedule instead of a more typical five allowing more time to make money in addition to making good marks.  This is fine by me as I plan on taking summer classes as well.  Ideally, I would not HAVE to work – if I had the time and elected to find a job then so be it but I was hoping not to be forced to find employment.  However, my current financial situation does not allow me such an opportunity this semester.  Oh well, such is life.  I will look for an on-campus job – probably at the gigantic fitness center that employs a lot of students.  If not, I will look elsewhere for a solid part-time job that does not keep me occupied late at night on weekends and will be mindful of my school schedule – meaning school comes first so they might need to be a bit more flexible with me than other employees.

So yeah, I am pretty psyched and definitely looking forward to the change!  I will keep the blog updated over the course of my transition and hopefully I can maintain an active WordPress presence during the semester, but we shall see about that one.

Until further notice!



7 thoughts on “1 More Month”

  1. I have a couple of friends who have transferred here, and they’re loving the experience even if it meant “settling in all over again.” I can’t speak for the transfer student life because I haven’t experienced that, but I feel like it could be a massive adjustment. Kudos, though, because it seems like you know what you’re doing with this turning point in your academic career! All the best, and enjoy yourself! Not sure why I’m the one saying all this, though, considering how I’m only a first-year who (technically) has yet to “settle in” completely. Eh…

    Also, Philosophy is where it’s at, coming from an aspiring Philo major 😉


      1. You’re welcome 🙂 Just been overly preoccupied, and haven’t been able to or felt like posting as often. I try to post something on WP once a month now, instead of once a week or more. Glad you have made a return on here, I wondered if all was well, but from this post I see it is!!


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