Loneliness and things

If nothing else, these past few months have been awfully lonesome.  I am not one of those people who cannot spend time alone, far from it, but I pass way too many hours by myself that it is borderline unhealthy.  The fact that I am not in school and unemployed certainly has a lot to do with that.  Now, I am not depressed but my monotonous everyday routine has grown quite boring and unexciting to say the least.  I mean, I am not a home-body who never leaves the house but my social life is definitely sub-par.  Then there is the fact that I am killing time so frequently that it is just absurd.  I do play basketball with some considerable frequency but that is only for so many hours at a time.  I miss having work to do, having a purpose to my days instead of just burning time ALL the time.  It is quite annoying – not to mention the fact that I am penniless.  This is really a bad combination.  I have applied way too many times yet I still do not have a schedule anywhere.  This might change tomorrow, but still only for a part-time 25 hours a week type job that hardly pays anything.


On a much more upbeat note, I did get accepted to my college of choice which I will be attending this January 2015.  Whoop, whoop!!  Its about damn time I move out of my house and start my life anew in a land where I do not know a soul.  This will definitely make these last few months disappear quickly into the sands of history before I will even know it.  Most importantly, I will be in a highly desirable school studying an awesome major – PHILOSOPHY ❤ !!!  Best of all, since I already earned my Associates (two-year) Degree I will be able to jump right into classes pertinent to my field of study without having to waste anymore time with general education requirements0.  On a similar note, I have already taken intro to philosophy so I can choose from most 200 and 300 level courses right from the jump which is quite nice too.


All in all, my life will take a 180 degree turn come January 1st when I move into my apartment.  Classes begin Monday, January 5th so I will soon be busy.  Thank goodness!!


I will do my best to maintain sanity until then.





18 thoughts on “Loneliness and things”

      1. I’m joking! You should start loving your lonliness and creating things to make you not lonely anymore.


  1. I’m glad that you are taking steps to improve your life! It makes me happy! And thank you for replying to my post 🙂

    Keep smiling, and walk among the stars, love.



  2. I’m so proud of you! This is surely wonderful news. Congratulations Paul! Philosophy definitely seems like the degree for you and I know you’re gonna do a kick-ass job in class! I understand the excitement since I resume classes in January as well and yeah life gets dull being out of school so I understand your plight. But thank goodness that things are looking up for you. I really am happy for you 🙂
    – Nicky


    1. Thanks Nicky!! I cannot wait til January rolls around! Fortunately classes begin January 5th so it is like 2 months away which is not too terrible. Yeah thank goodness is right – I hope they look up for you soon too!! Just hang in there kid, things will change in due time.

      Thanks for dropping by!


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