Critchley quote

“Life is a series of repayments on a loan that you didn’t agree to, with ever-increasing interest, and which will cost you your life — it’s a death-pledge, a mortgage.”

-Simon Crithcley


6 thoughts on “Critchley quote”

  1. I think this is somewhat true, but if people in our lives have that ‘what can you do for me’ ethos, then they aren’t worth the debt! Genuine people don’t count what they give nor expect back in return. I always say; if a person does something for someone, then after the fact they ought not harp on about it, otherwise, they never should have done it in the first place! If that makes sense?!


    1. Of course it does! I think it more so refers to the burden or “debt” of living, like all the trials and tribulations one must endure throughout a lifetime. Critchley is not always the most cheerful fellow either.


      1. Yep, he doesn’t seem to be the most cheerful of fellows 🙂 Ummmmm, “the debt of living”, well this is life! I think if we live life then we have to deal with what comes with that living; stress, hassle, pressure, upset and so on. I don’t think anyone has the luxury of seeing their life run smooth and to plan; although we all wish things would be easier from time to time! I know when things go pear shaped for me, I always feel hard done by, BUT, without trial and tribulation we’d never learn, grow and develop. I suppose it doesn’t make it any nicer or fairer though!!!


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