sparks imagination.

Is being alone really such a bad thing?  Granted isoaltion is different than being alone in my opinion, but even still, sometimes one needs a bit of isolation to refocus on oneself.  Is that sucha crime?


Thoughtfood or food4thought?  Or useless musings….



6 thoughts on “Aloneness…”

  1. Paul, certainly some food for thought! isolation from humans is required to reconnect with the elements of nature. If only these elements are recognized as real, no one will ever feel lonely. There is so much life around us, millions of biological events happening in our surroundings. Becoming aware of them and trying to connect with them in isolation can be a refreshing experience.


    1. Thank you very much for this, Raunak – these are truly touching words and I have been reading over them a few times sitting here in this cafe. I believe you are, well, totally right.

      Thank you again for the comment kind sir!


  2. Every step of my way has lead me to being more and more alone. Everyone’s opinion may be different, but I agree with you and would say it’s a necessary part of growth and refocusing.
    People are so afraid to be alone, because we tend to feel as though being alone reflects our value in society. This would especially be true if we hold the exterior values higher than the internal.
    But deeper than that, the problem we usually face in being alone, is that it’s when we are most able to hear our true selves speak. Our feelings, needs, musings, sparks of imagination etc. can be heard, and for many of us it’s telling us things that we don’t know how to deal with or maybe don’t even want to hear.
    The funny thing is that the more comfortable I become in being alone, the more comfortable I become in being connected; it’s a beautiful and necessary thing for my growth! 🙂
    Lovely and important musings!


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