Is thinking, or thought, “divine?”

Thoughts play such a vital role in today’s society.  I am not sure if I am ready to make a claim about whether this is good or bad a priori, but it is a factual statement.  Descartes famously said “I think, therefore I am.”  But is this really the case?  And if so, or if not, why?


“Knowing,” in today’s society, is revered quite highly.  I wonder if deeming the act of thinking as “divine” may be an accurate statement.  Maybe divine is too strong or “spiritual” of a word to describe “rationality,” but then again, it may be suitable.


There seems to me to be practical knowledge which is necessary to survive, as in how to eat, etc. and then there seems to be psychological thinking, which is often if not always harmful.  There is the intellect or what have you that deals with theory and lastly the imagination exists as well.  However, does the possibility not exist that “everything” is in our imagination?  That is certainly an interesting thought.


But anyway, why is thought or thinking valued sooooo highly?  Do “smart” people lead a better life?  Is knowledge and/or wisdom necessary in order to live “the good life” (whatever that may mean)?


And if well educated folks do not live a better life then what is all the rave about?


….more to come….but any and all thoughts (comments) are appreciated!




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