Is this “God” figure merely a creation of the mind?  And if this is even the slightest of possibilities, then why would anybody subscribe to a “Religion?”  How do people claim to “know” – to believe – that “God” exists and even base their entire metaphysics off of this unreliable claim?

“God is DEAD,” F. Nietzsche.

Then again, Nietzsche is “arguably” friggin’ nuts!  (But then again, aren’t we all?!).

I tend to reject the notion of god simply because I believe “God” is just that….a notion.

If you must believe in a god or whatever, do the rest of the world a favor and do not consider yourself a missionary!  I am “God” as far as I am concerned.  Really.   What do we need “God” for?  I think he very well may be a creation out of perceived necessity, out of desperation if you will, to explain the Universe and so forth and so on…and control people, justify war, etc.

Just something to think about…



3 thoughts on “3…2…1…”God?!””

  1. So You are God – as far as you are concerned?

    Go on then God – make yourself happy!
    Make yourself ‘sane’
    Make yourself the you you REALLY want to be.
    BE God! DO IT NOW (cos God can do ANYTHING God wants, anytime God wants, Wherever God wants – that is the definition of ‘God’)

    Happy now? healthy now? are you you now?
    Well perhaps you might consider that you are in fact, NOT God.

    Well that’s ok because you truly don’t believe God exists, do you? so you not being something that doesn’t exist is fine. Except it means for you to change where you are ‘at’ means you are going to have to do it on your own, alone, and it is going to take (has already taken) a long long time. and that’s fine too. – except it sucks – right?

    So if you have evidence that you are not God, but other people have equally valid evidence that there IS a loving, all-powerful God, with the ability to change them overnight from feeling and being utter crap into miraculously healed, happy, healthy , productive people, maybe, just maybe, you could benefit from that?

    I know of many such people.

    If you can get past your personal bias long enough, say Hi to Michael at http://spiritministries.wordpress.com/2013/04/19/just-ask-god/ read his story and try telling him God does not exist ( because He has never spoken to you in a way you could accept.)
    Start a conversation with him – it might just free you from your isolation it will certainly give you a friend who won’t let you down (i mean Michael, not imaginary God) – and if not, all you’ve lost is a few minutes of your valuable time.

    God Bless.


  2. God and religion are faith. They don’t require direct knowledge, and in fact “faith” doesn’t require knowledge at all.
    There are a lot of different religions out there, each of them claiming that all the others are wrong.
    And from the way most of them treat the wrong ones, I’m guessing if there is a god, his message got garbled along the way.

    I’ll worry about the state of my soul in this world. Whoever cares to can worry about it in the next. As long as they do it quietly.


    1. Well said El Guapo…AGREED! And thank you for your kinder words and common etiquette. 🙂


      Please do not “hate” on that….thank you.



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