Sunday Morning Schpeal

So first off, my apologies for lack of posts recently – I am still without a functioning personal computer so internet access is occasional at best.  And when I am on a computer, I have been focusing on completing my college applications which does not always leave me super motivated to compose a post after working on essays for a couple of hours straight.  Anyway, enough of the logistics, let me get on with this whole writing thing…

Do it your damn self.  That is what it comes down to.  Granted I am “of age” – whatever that really means – to be “on my own” there are some definite obstacles.  One MAJOR challenge is the whole employment thing.  Check it: debt is not a good thing, right?  Then why is higher education so expensive?  Profits over people, once again, but this is really twisted.  As a 22 year old with an Associates Degree, I am personally in a very, very fortunate yet unique position in that I will not have to take out loans in order to complete my Bachelors.  BUT I sure have friends that are between a rock and a mountain of debt just to have the opportunity to earn a degree.  Mind you, there is no guarantee a decent job will be awaiting them upon graduation.

So financially speaking, is a four year degree a “good investment?”  And besides just number crunching, should higher education not be an invaluable part of so-called modern day society?  Generally, education is “good.”  But then why is it so hard to learn through the education systems in place?  Why do they cost young people anything at all?  What about the society investing in the youth, in the future?

There are a lot of things that really just do not make any type of sense to me.

After all, if education was truly valued, then it would not be such a burden just to learn.  I think it is really that simple.  There is always more money to be spent on war and conflict related arenas, but what about social programs and health care?

Now, I am not ignorant of the fact that the “leaders” or “rulers” of America simply do not have the best interests of the general population at heart.  That is just a fact with too many examples to list.  However, if the people “in charge” are not going to work towards solving the problem, then what?  Are we just going to sit around wishing the world would change but in the meanwhile pay our taxes to support the never ending war efforts?

Seriously though, in other countries people quite literally take to the streets when policies are not in their favor.  Whether this actually solves problems I am not too sure, but it is more than us Americans can say.  Passive acceptance I suppose would accurately describe the average American.  I do not even know really, since politics is never much of a hot discussion topic – at least not in my experience.

C’est la vie?



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