Help Wanted:

The world I inhabit is unacceptable to me.  I am not able to leave this planet.  What should I do?

I cannot speak for my ancestors, nevertheless all of humanity, of course.  But I can speak from the heart of a genuinely concerned member of the human race.

As a “young person” (22 to be exact), I cannot help but desire to completely reject society.  I am not sure exactly what that even means, but I have no interest in maintaining the systems in play.  I do not honor finances as divine, nor do I place too much value on any material goods.  In this culture of consumerism – in America – this sort of makes me an outlier.

Of course, I want to “change the world,” but once again I am not exactly sure how.  And because I am serious in saying that, coming up with a tangible answer is even more difficult.  On the other hand, I feel like it might not have to be some outlandishly complex “answer” or if an “Answer” even exists, but who knows.

I am getting the sense that I lie between a rock and a hard place.  I want things to be different, but I am without “a plan.”  And even if I did somehow concoct some sort of “blueprint,” enacting it would be another story.

So as I think about what I will do, with my life, I wonder…



2 thoughts on “Help Wanted:”

  1. Undoubtedly, wanting to reject present society is a sign of sanity. That´s what this age needs: Outliers. If there would be more people like you – and for that matter, like me – the whole system would waver seriously…

    I do not intend giving you “wise words” here.
    Understand that the world is you! – so there is no one to change, not even yourself. The Answer is Acceptance of What is.

    You don´t need and will never need a “plan”. You are The Plan already. Let it happen, that is all… – Whatever you would try to enact, is going to fail. No matter how good or bad. Life knows how to act. Just learn to listen!…

    “Your” life is Now, You are an expression of Life – you are What is. DON´T THINK ABOUT WHAT TO DO, because trying that, you create even more conflict within and without.

    INACTION! Learn to listen to the grass growing 😉 You may think I am playing with words but I am not!

    Let the answers come to you, and they will sure do…Once you learn the lesson of acceptance, change will happen seamlessly.


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