From East to West, New Jersey to California

Ahhh, yes – the epic cross country road trip!!  The road was cool and all, but I am definitely glad to have “landed” in a beautiful part of California (a small coastal community in the Bay area just north of San Francisco).  Sharing driving time, hauling a full-to-the-brim 5×8 Uhaul trailer, my uncle and I have successfully traveled along I-80 almost literally all the way to our destination in Cali (my uncle is moving here hence the Uhaul/road trip).

I have somehow managed to continue working on my college applications, even faxing forms to request transcripts and such, while on the road.  The March 15th deadline for two of my colleges is approaching extremely quickly.

Anyway, ever since our arrival yesterday I have just been soaking in all of the natural beauty this part of Cali has to offer – which, if you have never been here, is A LOT!  Also, I can now honestly say that I have been in contact with BOTH Atlantic and Pacific Oceans – pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

Yeah so in these next few days before flying back to the homeland, I plan to absorb as much awesomeness served California style as humanely possible.

Almost time for dinner – PEACE GOOD PEOPLE!



3 thoughts on “From East to West, New Jersey to California”

  1. Sounds amazing, I am truly envious of you!!! I have never visited California, though I have been to Chicago, Wisconsin, Memphis and New Orleans. The latter two destination we did a a sort of road trip. I would love to return one day and just cruise along, maybe in a VW camper van!!!!! All the best to you, and enjoy it, you deserve a good break to just chillax!!!
    Peace to you also,
    Bex 🙂


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