On Contemporary “Higher-Ed”

Is there still an intrinsic value in going away to college?

This is an important question that is seldom, if ever, asked.  As a prospective transfer student, after just completing my Associates Degree, this is something I do in fact ask myself.  It seems to me as though most people no longer value their education, at least not for the intrinsic value of learning.  Instead, much more frequently, students view their undergraduate years as a means to an end of landing that six figure job.  This, in my opinion, is atrocious – a sign of a decaying society.

A critical approach is much needed in regard to education, particularly higher education, but towards all other forms and tiers of education as well.  What does education mean anyway?  Who is qualified to teach and at what level?  Should all young people be required to attend school?  Is a college degree really necessary to “get by?”

These are all relevant questions, and ones that need to be part of a public discourse.

Just some brief thoughts.



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