The Revolution will not be televised…

nor will it be “taught” in the current “education system.”  At least, that is what I am beginning to realize.  This is all quite pertinent as I am in the process of applying to study at a four year college for the remainder of my undergraduate “career.”  As much as I do not want to, I suppose I may have to lower or at least adjust my expectations for the next couple of years.  I want to transfer to complete my bachelors degree in philosophy.  Okay, sounds good, but I also want a well-rounded liberal arts education.  But I do not care for the “BS.”  For example, I do not wish to “learn” about “official narratives” (i.e. 9/11) that simply are false yet held as truth if not Truth.  In other words, the official stories are left unchallenged, purposefully.  What kind of learning is this?  Learning to passively sit there and “listen” without questioning a damn thing?  Hmm…no thanks!

See, I actually want to CHANGE the world, not blindly accept or be force fed what current systems and ideologies are currently in place.  In other words, I have no interest in maintaining the “status quo.”  I have no interest in settling for the current state of things, or historical “traditions” and so forth and so on.

I want to implement progress as a reality, not just an idea.

Call me crazy, I will take it as a compliment.

What I am getting at here is that if I am going to work and invest in my education, I actually want to LEARN, but not just accepting things, but to critically examine and question things and thus come to my own conclusions about whatever the issue may be.  That is what I am really interested in.



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