An appeal to authority

It seems to me as though I am facing a world in crisis.  As much as mass media may say otherwise, we are in, excuse my “French,” deep shit.  Worse still, is that those in power are not moving in a direction towards peace and prosperity for the people, and by people I mean all people.  A paradigm shift in politics is required for change.  In all likelihood, those currently calling the shorts will be unwilling to accommodate what the people want and need.  Therefore, this change must be promulgated by the people themselves.

Whatever term you want to deem the current power structure is irrelevant to the facts.  We are not free.  America is certainly not a democracy, and if you are so stubborn to insist on using such a word, it is a failed one.

Peace ought to be the highest priority.  The only “war” to be waged is that on poverty, as Cornell West would definitely agree.  As he says, if such a war would be waged there would, at the least, be loads of money invested in it, which is currently not the case.

As I see it, we need to make peace the priority and work down from there.  What does that mean?  It means the killing stops today.  Any so-called “war for peace” is absolute rubbish; ludicrous.  And from this point of peace we must work downward.  In other words, as stated, peace and thus prosperity comes first, everything else is secondary.

The economic structure does not work.  Capitalism is a flawed and failed system of conducting commerce.

I am honestly quite sick and tired of all the overly complex political rhetoric, false promises and downright lies.  We need to be honest with ourselves, even if the truth hurts.  There is no other way.

Socially speaking, nobody likes a liar – following this rhetoric, how could anybody like Obama?  Guantanamo Bay is still in existence four years later, as just one clear, indisputable example.

The overarching problem here is that peace and prosperity for the people and the current power structure and interests are incompatible.  This means that they are mutually exclusive.  In other words, peace and prosperity will never be seen as long as those in power remain authorities.  It is really that simple.

I just do not see any other way, which is not to say I exclude other people’s ideas, actually, quite the contrary – I am always open to hear what you have to say, so please share your “two cents.”




20 thoughts on “An appeal to authority”

  1. Hi Paul,

    Nice post. The thing about capitalism is that the capitalism we are used to here in the U.S. involves a lot of corruption and is intertwined with government. I haven’t really sorted all this out for myself, but the thing I recognize as extremely important is that the basis of capitalism is the principle that people are creating enterprises and interacting with one another VOLUNTARILY.

    I think that a voluntary society is probably the best choice. It isn’t really a system as much as it is letting people proper on their own. You mention that the current power structure is incompatible with prosperity of the people. So why then do we need that structure at all? If it isn’t there to help, then it is there to oppress.

    The idea that government is needed to control everything or else everything would fall apart is an idea that conditions people to believe they can’t trust themselves and others and even that the average person has little value. It lends to the idea that only authority figures can know things and that the world wouldn’t turn without them.

    Now having said that, sometimes I see people doing things or saying things that make me pause and want to lose faith in humanity. There are a lot of people out there that I wouldn’t want to trust to do much of anything. But again, this too I think is partly due to the power structures in place now. People are conditioned not to care about one another. People are given poisonous food and shots and water. People are inundated with subliminal messages on tv.

    The point I am trying to make is that it is a cop out to say that individuals just can’t be trusted. If we do better as a country, the numbers of violent or intellectually dull people will start to drop off.

    And I reckon a voluntary society might be a good step in the right direction.

    P.S. – I dig the color scheme of the blog! I am working on my own website right now so I can really appreciate this blog you have here. Good choice.



    1. Hey James – thanks a lot for stopping by!

      In my mind the basis for capitalism is competition, which inevitably leads to inequality. And if your proposition is true, then what about those who do not like the options available to conduct business with?

      I am not calling for a more powerful government. I wish for a day where government is not necessary, but I think too many people depend on governmental activities to suddenly just have it disappear overnight. We need a transition period. That is how I have come to understand the situation.

      In other words, no rulers is the goal but to get there we the people need to figure out a way to take care of everybody without an additional institutional force. Think of the millions of Americans on food stamps for instance or living in public housing.

      I am glad you like the blog, I look forward to viewing your website sometime.

      Talk to ya soon,



  2. I am with you every word here.

    The greatest mind-blowing paradox is not that we are in deep shit. The real crisis is the average
    man´s resistance and refusal to admit this impeding state of things. It happens before our eyes, yet everybody is busy to proceed with the lies and petty absurdities you know well by now…

    You say:
    “A paradigm shift in politics is required for change”. I say a paradigm shift is required in each and every man´s soul. A step that in all likelihood, man will not deliberately take…
    Unless forced be a horrendeous nature catastrophy or cataclism of sorts, humans won´t show any readiness or interest to face this truth.

    Human nature is the way it is…Cowardice. Bigotry. Sloth. Mendacity.

    People won´t make a move unless forced by visible threat. As if what is happening is not enough a big threat. But it is not enough that you and me, and few other individauls see the state of affairs. Unfortunately, progress happens by mistake not by deliberate will-power…

    As I said before, we cannot save the world. Each of one of us has to make the priority of establishing Peace within, to bring order inwardly and, and at best, in our very proximity.
    Few powerful steps in right direction.

    I trust you have the power to undergo the shift you talk about.

    That´s the most pragmatic step you can take for you and the world…


    1. Let me start by thanking you for the thoughtful comment!

      Now, I agree with a lot of what you have said here. However, I am not sure I totally agree with what you say about human nature. Maybe I am too much of an idealist, or dreamer, maybe it has to do with my youth, but I would not describe human nature as such. Instead, I think humans live rather un-naturally. What I mean by this is that I do not think human nature is cowardice, bigotry, etc. That may very well be how people act. But I do not think it is natural. I call that conditioning.

      Maybe I am misinterpreting what you wrote?

      Anyway, let me continue. You write “People won’t make a move unless forced by visible threat.” We are conditioned to fear, you could even say we live in a fear-based society. However, once again, I do not think this is natural.

      I do strongly agree with starting with oneself is key. But I also think I can change the world. I mean this seriously but not irrationally. I am not saying I am a magician or a gene or something, but what I mean by change the world does not necessarily equate to what the common conception I feel people have in their head associated with that phrase.

      Regardless what do you think about this: Krishnamurti says “we are the world and the world is me” or at least something along those lines. By this way of thinking would changing ourselves, our worlds, not an act of changing the world?

      I totally agree with you in starting with myself and change within. But I also believe my inner revolution may have outward consequences affecting the state of the world, even humanity.

      I hope what I just wrote makes sense, and I anticipate the response.

      Thanks for stopping by!




  3. Interesting post.

    However, I would like to note a “glimpse” as to why such a general f*** up–political rhetoric– rendered a few–the mentally sound–in complete bafflement.

    The Black Box Paradox; people will always be more attracted to answers rather than questions…politicians are masters in PIDOOMA answers, leaving the “few” in a state of repeated intellectual agony as they try to conjure a moment where a politician truly aspired to make the world a better place, not by waging war…but by sacrifice.

    …I am waiting to be woken up from this nightmare.


    1. Perhaps are definitions are different, but you seem pretty “awake” to me, as far as socially/politically conscious. But I know what you mean, I wish to wake up from this nightmare myself but I do not see anything changing without active participation. Those at the top have no prerogative to change the system to benefit the people so, to me, that means we have to do it our damn selves.

      Thanks for stopping by and I enjoyed reading through some of your blog page.




  4. How about peace with ourselves first, then that can transcend to gaining peace with others?? Seems perhaps the aggression vented on the world is projected from inside ‘damaged’ people. It is people’s failings to deal with who they are, and who they are not that causes the issues of needing to be powerful and obeyed. Everyone of those war mongers have been trying to prove something to fulfil their under ‘stroked’ ego or pride. It is a lust and a need for power to feel more than they are that escalates their desire for war and dominance over every living thing. Results = war.
    Bex 🙂


      1. Yes if you are not at peace in yourself, how can you relate that state to anything or anyone else. Peace is a conundrum; often sought and rarely found. A true gift once received though 🙂

        Peace to you too Paul,

        Bex 🙂


      2. Yes, perhaps so! If people don’t know what real peace looks feels like then how can they locate it or know what to look for! However the alternative could be; “seek and ye shall find”!!!
        Bex 🙂


      3. I think the seek and you shall find idea is comforting but not necessarily true. As long as you are seeking you are, by definition, not finding. You are looking.


        P.S. I hope you don’t think I am attacking you ~ keep the comments coming, even if we disagree!!


      4. No, I don’t think that!!! Of course we can’t agree on everything!!!!!!! I like a good debate.
        I can actually see what you mean – you are looking if you are seeking. Yet, maybe you can find it, at some stage. Well, if you want to that is.
        I don’t know, it is a complex and interwoven situation; violence v’s peace. It would be nice to think all of this hatred and violence could end, I just wonder as people (in power) tend to be so willing to just dominate and control via heinous acts against those who they wish to subdue. It is definitely something within them to handle situations that way; when talking a resolution has far better and long lasting impacts.
        I think I am rambling again!!!!!!!!!
        Bex 🙂


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