Some much needed criticism

Non Satis Scire: To know is not enough.
With knowledge comes responsibility.  That is factual as far as I am concerned, but also largely forgotten.  Whatever happened to morals and values?  Why is a early twenty year old asking such a question?  Most young adults are not talking about such things, at least not the majority that I know.  As noted, I live in the U.S. but I do not see this as a problem confined solely to The States.  Dammit, civilization is crumbling right before my eyes.  There is a book with a title that I think is quite applicable to my generation – “Youth of the Apocalypse.”  Need I say more?
My point here is that society as we know it is dying, decaying and there is no legitimate plan for lasting rescue in sight.  Sounds great, huh?  And forget about those future grandchildren that may or may not be born, think of this in terms of your immediate life and lifetime.
Chris Hedges book “Empire of Illusion – The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle” sums up a lot of what is going on.  People are living in lies, or illusions.  The current state of affairs is largely based of of lies and half truths – myths in other words.  The ‘war on terror’ is  a hoax.  In fact, it was a false flag MIHOP “attack” on the American people by The Ruling Elite.
The amount of unnecessary suffering occurring in America and outside is atrocious, unspeakably so.
What is so scary is that nobody is asking the tough questions.  People are bred to be obedient workers – cogs in the system.  I am at a point in my life where I will soon begin to make my own way in this backwards world.  This, for me, means going away to college – which I am greatly looking forward to for a multitude of reasons – but at the same time I do NOT wish to be morphed into another worker.  I want to expand my knowledge of the truth of how things work politically speaking and how this world somehow continues to “function.”
I want to dismantle the system, or die trying.  I have my whole life ahead of me to work towards this goal, as much as I would like it to happen instantly.  I want my very existence to be an act of revolution.  This, to me, is of utmost sincerity and seriousness.
People may call me negative, but I am not.  I am critical.  I am rational.  I am reasonable.  I am not going to proclaim lies as truth.  It’s that simple.
What I am calling for is nothing short of a worldwide paradigm shift.  Instead of wasting too much time researching how this dysfunctional world “functions” I am much more interested in change NOW, TODAY.  I am calling for economic acts of “violence” towards multinational corporations that are no good – which is not to say all companies are bad so please do not read it as such.  There is so much work to do, and I am not going to outline a blueprint right here right now, but that does not mean I am short on ideas.
I would be interested in connecting with anyone else with similar sentiments.  I would like to connect with other social and/or political critics, writers, activists, etc.  Please comment below.
Thank you,
And remember, Non Satis Scire.

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