Please read:

As I sit here in my bedroom accompanied by Coldplay and a burning “Frosted Cranberry” candle, I write.  I write words, lots of them and quite frequently.  English is the language I know, so that is the way I go.  I want to take a line or two now to thank and welcome anyone but especially those whom I am friends with that have made it onto my WordPress page.  This may sound sort of dumb, especially if you are not a writer or blogger, artist, etc. but I really, really appreciate the few moments you took out of your day for me, to view my work and pieces of my soul that have made their way onto the world wide web.  THANK YOU!

I now have so more motivation to continue writing, for now I know – or at least hope – some of my real life friends and acquaintances will follow some of my work, maybe share it, and/or comment on it.

See, unlike some people, I spend a good chunk of my time writing – mostly if not wholly for myself – but at the same time it is quite nice to get feedback.  I only like sincere feedback, though, so if please be honest and if you think my writing sucks or what I am saying is downright wrong, let me know; let’s talk about it.

As always I could ramble on, but I mostly just wanted to say thank YOU to YOU!  Yes, thank you very much for viewing this right here, right now.  I hope you come back soon!




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