Me, going vegan?

Okay so I realize I have never discussed much of my eating habits, but let me just say I have never been skimpy on appetite.  I am not obese by any means, although I am admittedly out of shape, and am more-or-less physically healthy.  After all I am only 22!  That being said, I have been considering switching over to the vegan lifestyle for the past few days.  Yes, only a few days, but I picked up and flied through the first 1045-ish pages of “Main Street Vegan” by Victoria Moran just yesterday.  In the past I have never had atrocious soda and chips sort of diet, but I, like just about everybody, could generally have ate a bit more healthier.  I mean, I traditionally consume fruits and vegetables on a somewhat daily basis, eat lean meats, have skim milk in my breakfast cereal with orange juice sort of thing.  As far as compared to other Americans, I would say I am slightly above average in the healthy scale as far as eating is concerned.  One big plus for me is that I do not eat fast food, ever.  Hopefully this gives a bit of context for anyone who may be reading this.  Moving on!

Why vegan?  Everyone, despite the many common responses, has their own personalized story or reason as to why they choose to make such a drastic lifestyle change (how many folks are raised vegan?).  For me, it goes something like the following.  I want to be healthy, like actually healthy, for arguably the first time in my young adult life.  And let me explain what I mean when I use the word healthy.  I want to be physically healthy, of course, but also mentally, spiritually and emotionally healthy.  I am interested in a holistic standard of health and well-being, one that directly benefits my everyday quality of life.  I need to do this for me.  Any past readers are probably at least somewhat familiar with my “mental health” personal struggles, and part of going vegan I see helping me feel better especially when weaning off of my toxic “medications.”  The vegan lifestyle can only help, without ANY negative “side effects.”

But this choice is also about more than just helping myself out.  I have always been fond on animals, and after watching a couple documentaries and reading a few things, I have grown to be disgusted with what animals are forced through just to get onto my plate for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Watch Earthlings!  It is free and online, just Google it.

So yes there are personal philosophical and ethical reasons as to why I will probably feel good just knowing I will not be participating in the system that murders innocent animals for human consumption.

Plus, I have liked experimenting in the kitchen, and although I will be living at home still for the next 6 months or so, I will have to purchase my own food and cook for myself.  This will allow me to get back into cooking, well cooking for myself for the very first time, and learn my way around the kitchen.  This will be forever helpful and hopefully I will enjoy it as well.

Even better, I will be able to impress some fine vegan women with my soon-to-be excellent cooking skills!!

I am sure there are many more benefits and reasons as to why I am seriously considering doing this, in the near future, but for now I think I have covered a decent amount.

Oh, any thoughts or suggestions, book or film recommendations, cookbooks or recipes, would be greatly appreciated and quite helpful as I move along towards my journey on the switch to vegan life!!






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