On violence and society

Why is violence a seemingly accepted part of our so-called “advanced” society?  There is this general notion that floats around in which murders are expected to be on the daily news, as one easy example, and there are countless more.  But has humanity given up on the possible reality of a peaceful coexistence?

This is a very serious question, and I think there are strong arguments to be made that say we have given up.  Even still, I argue the opposite.  I cannot speak for everybody, nor anyone else really but myself, but I for one have not given up on peace.  Perhaps the fact that peace is more commonly held as a mere abstraction or far-off Utopian notion speaks for itself.  But why is this?  And more importantly, why do we allow this to be the case day after day?

I simply do not understand.

I could spend hours writing away about the various points for and against violence and the justifications and so forth and so on but I will spare you since I am pretty confident you either already are familiar with many of these and if not, a simple Google search will provide you with ample basics, I would presume.

What I will do is throw some ideas out there, possibly ramble a bit, and hope this catches someone’s attention.

So then, how does a young 20-something write a post on a personal blog site on this subject?  I guess I do not really know, but I do know why.  I am not writing this as a treatise on how to save the world, step by step.  Rather, my primary goal here is to allow at least one person to think about reality, specifically the issue of violence in everyday life.

People die of all sorts of unnatural causes everyday, all the time – this is a fact.  So what are you doing about this?  If you agree murdering innocent victims is okay, then I guess you do not have to do a darn thing.  However, if you at all oppose the massive killings that go on daily, if you are a so called proponent of peace, then why is is that while these people are dying you are trotting off to some meager 9-5 office job that you hate?

Where is the logic in that?

Why does every single working person in America go to work everyday?  Why is this not questioned, why is there no public discourse about this, about society and the current structures and systems that make it up?  Why?

Why are people so passive?  Why does everybody feel so helpless?  Why is everybody seemingly okay with being in massive amounts of debt?!

I just cannot sit well with this world that I live in.  I am not a pessimist nor am I an optimist.  I am just writing factually and truthfully, that is all.

The worst part of it is just this – that nobody is effectively questioning all of this.  Yet somehow people put faith into whom or what ever in hopes of change coming about.

To be continued…




9 thoughts on “On violence and society”

    1. And by violence you mean physical violence, correct? Because I am calling for other forms of violence, just not physical human-to-human contact violence.

      I will have to take a look at your post!!



      1. So you also mean verbal or mental violence too? Think people often resort to many forms of violence to get what they want. It is a complex issue though; people with aggression issues often have deep seated issues they repress and violence replaces their normal emotions to a situation.
        Thanks, I’ll also make a reply to your comment on my post.
        Bex 🙂


      2. I see what you are saying, but I am not for calling for violence in that regard either. I am proposing perhaps a different kind of violence in which necessary aggression is taken but not in a negative way. A sort of “positive violence” in which economically for example, certain things are boycotted significantly affecting the System in place. I am afraid my words may not be very clear because what I am trying to say makes sense to me internally, but I am having some trouble expressing it satisfactorily.

        Maybe violence is not the best word, as I have said. I am thinking of economic sanctions against the power structure, the State and the System(s) in place to break them down in order to create a new society.



      3. Ahhhhh, OK – something tactical (a specific act) to force the powers that be to reconsider their ways, or resign?! Something to use against them as a ‘weapon’, but not necessarily a baseball bat, more words and people (community) power?! I think I maybe wrong on this one too. It sounds interesting idea though – a rise up against them attitude, but without all out violence as perhaps a rebellion would be?
        Anyway, I like it – wonder of you know which ‘powers that be’ you would specifically begin with? Government or possibly another?
        Bex 🙂


      4. Bex, don’t apologize – tangents of thought is what I run off of, whether it be mine or combined with others!!!

        And for that, I thank you!!



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