Thinking about thought…

I wonder where thought truly originates from.  Thinking is arguably the greatest plague to infect human beings!  Thought condemns one to the past and therefore enslaves them, often from the very thing they are reaching to escape.  I do not mean to say thinking is good or bad, but rather simply that it exists, and greatly hinders humans hence infecting them with a plague of sorts.  Where did this dis-ease come from?

What I am getting at here is why are so many people NOT living in the present?  Why is living in the present NOT our “natural state,” so to speak.  Or maybe it is, but we have fallen unaccustomed to this.  I do not seem to know.

I am not excluding myself here, for I am guilty of the past/future complex too, but I definitely see the value and importance of living in the present.  Life is not static, therefore thinking is kind of silly actually.  I mean, it is not like time, if this exists, stops allowing us to review things before resuming life.  We are in constant motion.

I find this predicament rather curious – and I would imagine others would do too.  But how absurd this is!  I am thinking about the present!  Which therefore means I am not in the present which I desire to be living in.  Herein lies the problem though.  As long as someone desires to live in the Now, as Tolle puts it, they will never be able to do so.  Living in the present is not about desire, for that would just be to satisfy the egoic mind which thrives on thought which is past (or projecting about the future, but still from past experiences, etc.).

I wonder, what truly living in the present feels like.  Of course, as everybody else, have experienced passing moments of the Now, but what about living in the present constantly?

The difficulty is defeating the ego – for I imagine that as long as the ego has a strong hold on your mind, finding Life in the present would be impossible.

I want to be free, so free that my inner freedom projected outward as well of course, is a revolutionary act.  That may just be the most joyous and beautiful experience, or at least way of life.  I would love to experience such a lifestyle, lead such a life, and share with others what I will have come to understand.

Thanks for reading – comments welcomed!



7 thoughts on “Thinking about thought…”

  1. See how cleverly it is designed (for lack of a better word)! Imagine, if you’re always in the Now, how would you appreciate it when you can’t stop to ponder about it?


    1. You would be living it, which is the ultimate form of appreciation! (Or something like that). Or perhaps no more appreciation would be necessary in order to feel joy? Just some thoughts!


  2. You always make me think about well stuff, Paul 🙂 I like Eckhart Tolle quite a bit myself, but find it extremely difficult to escape the “pain body…” As for over-thinking sometimes I get all nihilistic and existentialist, I cry over Jean Paul Sartre and Albert Camus, and think about my own extinction or the fact that we live on a planet that is constantly dying… The good news is that something or someone is also being born simultaneously, for this reason I’m drawn to Deepak Chopra too, though he may seem like Tolle to get too much commercial success (which always makes one suspicious, does it not?). For balance try the Tao te Ching, it’s very pragmatic and spiritual food at the same time, sometimes just meditating on a bird call outside your window on a winter’s morning eases that feeling of being squeezed like a lemon by an overactive conscious and subconscious. Well just my random response 😉 P.S. You probably have already read everyone I mentioned, I never doubt your prowess lol.


    1. Haha, thanks for the comment And yes you are right I have heard of/read all of the names mentioned above – glad to see we are on the same page! However, I never really got too into Chopra.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Hey Paul,
    I have just posted something on my blog today about living in the moment! How weird!
    We tend to live in the future; ‘can’t wait for this evening’, ‘can’t wait for the weekend’, because we can’t stand the present and what it means – our lives! Life controls us, we don’t control it – we feel imposed upon and curtailed, we have introjects and let downs, we have aspirations and forgotten dreams. We feel we have no power to be anything other than what our life (daily) imposes, and impresses upon us that we are.
    Yet, we only have the moment we inhibit, so why fear it and try and run from it; we can’t. Embrace what is and accept it; only we make the moment unbearable with our minds and thoughts (which we control). Yet, maybe in facing the moment we have to also face up to many things we fear, and don’t want to to truly see. So, the future is preferable as it can still hold hope, and appear to be anything else but what we know to be present in our present.
    Bex 🙂


    1. Hey, I guess we are on the save wave-length then! I will have to check out your post – and as far as your comment, I must say I tend to agree with just about everything you said!

      Thanks for stopping by!



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